First time side discharge


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There is a lot of good advice here. There is some advice that I read from all the posts above that work for me to improve results:

- Remove the mulchers and install the right blades. Lots of good advice above.
- Remove or tie up the chute guard/flap.
- Scrape clean the underside of the deck to improve flow.
- Cut when the lawn is dry. (this is huge)
- Cut at least once per week. If needed, try every 5 days, or even more frequently.
- If the clippings are visible after a cut, raise the deck a bit and do a 2nd pass perpendicular to the 1st pass. Don't bother with the perimeter laps, just do the rows. The pattern will look cool, too.
- Hit the remaining visible clippings in the lawn with the blower as you are cleaning the walkways and driveway.

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For those of you who don't come from an agriculture background, outlining the perimeter of a field ( yard) are called making headrows .
You make 2-3, depending on how far your deck shoots grass. You then use the headrows to turn around your equipment in. In the ag world this keeps your equipment from crushing your valuable crop.
You can also make your turns so that the open side of the deck is always away from the perimeter.
The principal behind this is, " the best way to clean up a mess, is to not make one in the first place.
Followed by, " if you didn't have time to do it right the first time. How will you find time to do it over?"
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I would get the stock JD high lift blades before deciding on putting mulch kit back on. In my experience G6s will leave stragglers on Northern grass. The downside of the smaller clippings is disrupted air flow under the deck and less vacuum.
my experience G6's mediocre with thick grass tall, great with mid-thickness maintained grass and EXCELLENT with leaves


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here’s hoping, new blades come next week, it’s cut at 3”

haha yup figured that out pretty quick - few more times mowing I should have it down!

I assume the best way to clean this up is let it sit for and day and re-mow? Or do I need the new blades first?
The piles of clippings can be grouped if you go over again and shoot a few of them nearer each other. Then you put your deck at max height and leave the discharge chute wide open while going over those thicker piles again. This can disperse a lot of it, and help it settle into the turf instead of sitting on top. When it looks clumpy like that, definitely do not cut it again at the same height. The problem will likely only get worse.

Next time as soon as you look behind you and see long clippings and clumps, I’d say raise the deck. You can always get it a little lower next week.

Also the mulching blades will help I think, even tho the lift will be a bit less. They will make the pieces that get ejected waaaay smaller. Also the mulching blades won’t eject them so far out of the chute. Maybe half as far as a full-on high lift blade would do it. Both those things will probably help.

Mowing backwards is a helpful option when you have a small section that needs to point away from a bed or whatever. Hard to do safely on a ztr... much easier on as stander. Good luck!


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Quick update… here’s the results after installing the G5 blades and bungee cord’ing the grass flap up…
HUGE difference and improvement, congrats. How much was being cutoff, still looks like you were removing 3-4" but what an improvement over the previous hay mess.

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