First time spraying?


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Just got my license and a used lesco 200 gallon sprayer. I just picked up some spray-able urea for 19.00 a bag and prod-amine for 17.00 a gallon. I'm going to apply about 1 lb of prod amine per acre and 1 bag of urea per acre. I'm doing less fert this round since its my first time spraying and I don't want my mistakes shown by streaking with fert. I plan to add dye too.
I haven't got a chance yet to calibrate the sprayer and waiting on a chem-lawn gun to be shipped.

Round 2 I'll mix a three way and add potassium and maybe switch to a Coron liquid Nitrogen.

Hows this sound? Any advice? How did I do on chemical cost?

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Plan on replacing your pump and gun every year if you are running fert in the tank.
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Hey Grassy, as long as you apply correctly you wont stripe the lawns. Its a lot harder to stripe a lawn using liquid. 90% of the time people are striping lawns due to passes to far/close together or pushing dry fert with a spreader that is spreading incorrectly. As far as the premature wear, I would agree it has no effect as long as it is melted properly. Iron, however, will wear out your diaphragms slightly faster. With a 200 gallon tank might I suggest applying at a 1.5 gallons/k just to get a little extra sqft out of each tank. I think thats a blue nozzle for the chemlawn gun but Im not 100% SURE, YELLOW IS DEF. 2 GAL/K


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May be a little high price on urea (don't know what quantity you bought).
2nd round I would not switch to liquid fert. I also have been using urea for years with no striping and no pump problems. Have you ever used a skid sprayer in the past? If not reach out to non competitors and see if you could shadow them for a couple of days.