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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Pro-Lawn, Oct 17, 2001.

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    I just got done taking the Core Exam and the Commercial Ornamental Turf Test today here in Missouri. I dont know if i passed yet, i hope that i did. I had no problem with most of the questions but there were a few that left me scratching my head.

    My question is how much is a Lesco 250 Gal. Tank run. Is there a good site to look at sprayers and tanks. I cant seem to find a good site that gives you a good look with specs. If you can help me out i sure would appreciate it.

    Eric Goodwin
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    Hey Eric, I can't help you with your question, but just wanted to say that's a great web site. Nice work!
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    congratulations on your test. They didn't test us old guys because we insist on writing our answers on slate.

    Lesco doesn't make a 250 gallon tank anymore. They make a 100, 200, 300 gallon poly. Call 1-800-650-1936 and have them send a brochure on sprayer. A 200 gallon with Kaw engine and 300ft 1/2 inch hose retails at $2650. Anybody can pay retail. If you can find one in their system, they have a 200 gallon setup with a Honda engine that is discontinued or 3 star which you can buy for $1750.

    Try search for sprayers

    When all is said and done, strong enterprises aka sprayer parts depot will beat anyone with prices if you like to haggle in Spanish. There is a good sprayer for every application and price. Have fun reading and comparing. Just remember, there is no more lonlier spot on earth than an interstate highway with a broken down truck, leaking spray tank surrounded by HazMat teams.
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    I passed the Core , but didnt do so well on the Turf Test. Got to take it over. Next one ill pass . No problem. Im excited this will boost my business over the top.
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    What part of the core book was most like the core test? The turf test seems like it would be hard to study for, we're the questions close to the ones in the book? Any help would be appreciated. I just received my books in the mail. Thx
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