First time with heat exhaustion yesterday

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by alexschultz1, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. White Gardens

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    I buy a large can of the powder. Much cheaper than the bottles, or the small packets. Then I can mix in as much or little I feel I need.

    Remember too, Gatorade has lots of salt in it. If you have high blood pressure, then it's not good for that.
  2. alexschultz1

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    Hey, now i have a doctors excuse for not showing up hahaah
  3. JCLawn and more

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    I wasn't drinking straight water, that would of killed me I bet. I've only had to do that twice. It was around 100 out and I was trimming shrubs all day. My clothes were dripping with sweat literally. I felt fine. The mix I had was for hydration. It was replacing the minerals, salts, and nutrients my body was using up. Yes if drink that much straight water you can get water poisoning
  4. Poopy Shoe

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    I have found that a wet hand towel around my neck really helps.

    Sometimes I wear an old lightweight long sleeved dress shirt with the collar turned up. That keeps a lot of sun off my skin. I also like to wear a wide brimmed hat. That way I only need sun block on my face.
  5. Toro 455

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    I've never heard that phrase before. That's what I like about Lawnsite. Give an opinion and get an education. Thanks.
  6. bare spot

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    another american made co. for t's and tank tops, made of the wicking fabrics. have a few of them, i like em, think well made for a good price. here ya go for any interested, cool max granite tank tops, factory store.
  7. wegomow

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    Cramps got me one evening on the recliner after a long hot day. I got a cramp in my inner thigh and I jumped up out of the chair to straighten my leg and darn if the other leg didn't cramp up too. I was hobbling around the house trying to keep the muscles stretched straight all the time looking like Yosemite Sam. I should have started yelling, "dag nab it varmint" but the humor of the situation didn't dawn on me till later. Dehydration was the cause no doubt. I carry a banana or two in the cooler with my water and eat them throughout the day.
  8. bare spot

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    think i had a cramp like that once or twice like that. didn't know what was going on first time but remember dull pain in my leg shot up to almost off the charts.
  9. ed2hess

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    Next time you think you got a job that is hot think about these boys. It has been over 100F for two weeks. These guys go up at 8:00 and work until 8:00 in the evening. They come off the roof around noon and then back up at 1:00.


    And think about the risk no safety devices. They have a 4" thick piece of foam that is about 2ftx2ft. that they stand and sit on. Roofing is going on all over Austin due to recent hail.

  10. adam.neusbaum

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    Several times in the evening I've felt like I just can't quench my thirst. After 2 cartons of low sodium chicken broth I'm doing fine. Too much Powerade during the day makes my hands fall asleep easily at night.

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