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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Outlawn, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Outlawn

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    Had my first piece of equipment stolen the other day.
    My guys were at Quiznos for 15 minutes, and the truck/trailer was parked in the parking lot of Quiznos. They swiped an Echo handheld blower that I had bought less than two weeks ago. :dizzy:
    Couldn't believe it. It was sitting in the back of the truck, but they didnt steal the 7 gal air tank or the Stihl hedge trimmers, probably because they weren't brand frickin' new. Stupid thieves.

    Not that it was stolen, but last week the bag for my eXmark Metro 26 blew off somewhere between the last account and my house. Again, my crew had the truck and I was not present. :hammerhead:
  2. Blade Runners

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    Sounds like your crew needs to learn some responsibility with your equipment. If you don't give them a means to secure it then there's really not much you can say.
  3. Sprinkler Buddy

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    That sucks! That's what I like about my enclosed trailer, yeah a thief could still get in but it's a lot more tempting if they can scope it out and grab and go. I'm sure your crew isn't to excited about having to run the old one again until its replaced again.
  4. GrassGuerilla

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    Live and learn. Thieves suck. Some fine local citizens took a liking to my echo trimmer, bg55 and a newish toro personal pace mower a few years back. Thieves suck. Spending the time to cable all your chit down, you end up robbing yourself for years afterward. Got me for about a grand that day. Thieves suck. Couple weeks later they stole my buddies whole trailer while he was working solo in a back yard.

    Thieves suck.
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  5. Outlawn

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    Thieves do suck. I can't complain about them doing it that way because they learned it from me. I've been riding the line and tempting fate for a long time I guess.
    They didnt have to deal with the old one for long cause I went and bought the same one only a couple of days afterwards. My dealer was surprised to see me coming in to buy another one, less than two weeks later.
    I did a police report and we turned the serial # into the police and Echo, so if it turns up at a pawn shop or an an authorized Echo dealer, the police and myself will be notified. I'm just glad I bought trimmer racks and a backpack blower rack. I would have gone ballistic if my Shindy backpack blower got stolen. :gunsfirin
  6. Outlawn

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    Got a great update on this one! I called the PD today cause I had not heard anything since I filed the report in late august/early September . I spoke with a detective and he explained that there had been no arrests made due to lack of evidence, but they had tracked the blower, which had been pawned, to a local shop and questioned the individual who pawned it. She claimed that a couple of guys who were walking down the street, and apparently carrying the blower, asked this lady's husband if he wanted to buy the blower. He apparently mows some lawns on the side, and was mowing at the time. He said yes and bought it. Not long afterwards they supposedly got in a tight spot with some loan payments and so went to pawn the blower. Since I had filed the report, the serial # threw up a red flag and it hit the detective's desk.
    So I'm like, ok cool, but where's my blower?
    He said "you haven't got the blower? You don't have the equipment back?"
    I said "uh, no....this is the first I have heard of ANY information on the case since I filed the report"
    So, apparently the blower has been sitting at a local pawn shop on hold so it cannot be sold. Another detective has to sign off on the hold, and then I can go pick it up. :) yay
    I already bought another one, like the day after this happened, but it's nice to be able to get it back.
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