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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by sehitchman, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. sehitchman

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    Had a chainsaw and hedge trimmer taken off my tailgate. Was only away and out of sight in the backyard for less than 5 minutes.
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  2. Mownmachine144

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    Sorry about that. No that doesn't feel good. Did you hear a vehicle pull up while you where away?
  3. Chilehead

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    I've had equipment stolen and can empathize. Five minutes, you say? An accomplished thief only needs 20 seconds, and targets people who don't lock up their stuff. I learned after the first time to always keep equipment locked no matter where I am. The only unlocked piece will be the one that I am currently using.
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  4. agm

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    Ive had 6 blowers and 1 line trimmer stolen from my trailer over a 2 year span. They were even locked! They used bolt cutters and cut locked the locks and took them. Thats why i got me an enclosed trailer now with some nice locks that you cant cut. My brother in law is a lock smith and got me some good locks. I feel your pain though.
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