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First Walk-Behind Mower: ExMark Metro 36

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Hey, guys. I just bought a used ExMark Metro 36 from my boss for, get this, $125 running and mowing. Kawasaki FS481V 16.0 HP, belt-driven, unknown hours. Just need to grease up a couple of places, change the belts and filters and keep an eye on the oil. (Leaks 'bout a half quart or so every few hours of use. Right now, I'm only using it on two yards, but next summer, it should show more if I get more yards.) I also have to get one spot welded on the deck. The upper mounting bracket cracked on one side, but the lower bracket held and the left side is perfect.

But God, am I happy to finally upgrade from those 22" Toro residential mowers. It cuts nice and leaves a great stripe in the right conditions. This is something that I've noticed about Toro/ExMark decks, and this is part of what keeps me coming back to Toro. Kinda funny, to be honest. My father (TimeCutter 3200) and I both kept coming into the possession of Toro products over the past couple of years and we've slowly developed a bit of a brand loyalty. The TimeCutter 5025 (I think) with the commercial engine and hydros and the fabricated deck felt so right.

Hell beat up as it is, I still like using my Metro more than the new Scag SW36 my boss got. It's worn out, broken in and full of character. The deck on the Scag bounces around too much, we've been having problems with the shift lever and the transmission and the overall feel is much cheaper than the Metro. I also prefer the manual blade system on the Metro instead of the electric PTOs on the newer mowers. I still wish I had a cup holder, though. My boss even admitted that he screwed up by buying the Scag and should have bought another ExMark. He looked so pissed the other day while running the Scag, too. And I side with him. A bit unoriginal at this point, but they make a good product and have a loyal following for that reason. Sorry, guys, but I MIGHT just end up buying another ExMark or Toro instead of those Scags I was talking about. I might still get a Wright 32 later on for smaller yards, but I might just get a Worldlawn 28 instead. I just read one review saying it's great, I've seen a couple of crews using them around my area and they seem to be pretty good for Chinese mowers. Might pick one up at the end of the year as a Christmas present to myself.

But I'm otherwise satisfied with my purchase and hope for the best. Is there anything to look out for, do you have blade/bag recommendations (Southern grass, mainly St. Augustine and Bahia, thin and hard to thick and spongy turf, kinda bumpy in some places. Might end up mulching, but more than likely going to stick with discharge/bag. Would like to leave good stripes. Not going with a steel catcher. Too heavy.), how can I get the cut height above 4"and do you have any tips for operating a belt drive?

Thanks for reading my jumbled mess of a thread!
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