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First wall

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Ok my first wall pic here. Let me have it. Whatcha think?

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I like it better then mine. How much did the rocks cost and how much did you charge?
Fifth stone from the right, middle row needs to go a little to the left. Lol

Just kidding. Looks great!

thanks guys. the stone cost 280 with delivery. I'm curious what would some of you guys charge for something like this?
looks good man,
here is a wall i just finished this kinda new to the construction side of the business.
ill have to take a pic of the finished wall too i guess huh,:D

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im curious too, what would u guys charge for a job like that in the pic i just posted? its 75sq ft of block plus a row of caps.
Wall looks good from what I can see. Might want to consider a better camera though. I do alot of dry-stacked flagstone walls and must say the profit margin is great. I've seen alot of stone work from so-called "stonesmen" and in my opinion either you have it or you don't!! I guarantee the customer loved it didn't they? A little advice take your time and don't rush it...let the customer feel that they are getting their money's worth and that they've hired an artist. You will have to play around with the pricing. My advice is price it a little on the high can always come down a little and still make a profit. Keep up the good work.

P.S. What did you charge??
I know around my neck of the woods i have heard of doubling the cost of the stock so if it cost you $3,000 for the stone ,blocks and pegs etc then it would be a $6,000 job unless there was more work involved.
Thanks guys. This wall is actually at my house. Thought I would give ita try. Was pretty easy I thought. Question is there any mulch out there that stays a dark color? When I bought my mulch it was really dark, then faded right out. I like it to be almost black.
Question: " is there any mulch out there that stays a dark color? "

Yep. I don't like it much though. Dyed Mulches retain color. There is a black dyed mulch as well as chocolate brown.

No accounting for taste but I like regular hardwood bark. Know in advance that the dyed stuff is made out of chewed up pallets. It's lumber. Costs about 5-7 bucks more per cu yard.

BTW the dry stacked wall is a fine job. So is the segmented wall. We get $20 sq face foot for segmented walls. $27 for natural. But we're not making much $.
Dyed mulch here in Richmond is very strong. We can get it in 3 colors ( Brown / Black / Red $46 to $51 a yard w/ labor). I use it about 90% of the time. Fine pine is another strong seller that will keep color a long while, although not recommended on slopes! I was curious about the dyed product in other regions. It must be popular if "Scotts" is starting to bag it and put it on the retail market.

I do very high end residential landscaping and stonescaping here and I like my work to stay looking new for a long time, thats why I use the dyed mulch. The other bleaches out way to soon. And lets face it....... most customers are mulching for looks ( "Keeping up with the Jonses") not for the care of their plants. Know what I mean??
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