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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by suprman9019er, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. suprman9019er

    suprman9019er LawnSite Member
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    Well i put out my first wave/batch of flyers today. It is about 15 degrees up here in mich with snow still on the ground so im not expecting much other than to get my name in the minds of people and i wanted to be the first flyer out. Next batch will go out in 2 weeks. Anyone else been passing out flyers yet or doing other advertising? How sucessful have they been?
  2. Uranus

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    Some people will hold onto your fliers. Sometimes it is good to be the first one out there. Lets them know your serious about your service.

    I haven't even sent out my renewals yet. I'll do it by the end of the month and put an ad in the paper for maybe a month. I'm only taking on the homeruns this year. Losing some pita's by raising prices for them and hoping I get some good word of mouth referrals.

    Are you putting second round of fliers out to the same people? Name recognition is a big part of getting the calls
  3. Mowgli

    Mowgli LawnSite Member
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    How many did you unload?
  4. CoreyD

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    im still in the process of trying to get a decent flyer made i was hoping id be able to pass some out tomorrow.... but it doesnt look like i will.... now is the perfect time to do leaf removal and lay pine straw down here
  5. Duekster

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    True, people may call you 6 months later.

    If a lot of people have metal doors in your area, try a magnetic backed business card. Those stay on the fridge a long time.
  6. suprman9019er

    suprman9019er LawnSite Member
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    Answering 2 questions... For this first batch i put out about 1,000 flyers just to get the name out there. To answer the other question i will be putting the next wave/batch of flyers out to the same group in about 2 weeks, and then possibly in another 2 weeks. I also have not sent out renewal letters yet but i plan to within the week. So im hoping to have at least 20 more accounts by mid march.
  7. Steve's Mow & Trim

    Steve's Mow & Trim LawnSite Member
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    sounds good, I will be mailing out renewal letters the first monday in march, as well as putting my first batch of 2500 flyers out. Then the 2nd week in april I will put out a second batch of 2500. im hoping to get at least 30-40 new accounts.
  8. eddings

    eddings LawnSite Member
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    Do you do flyers or just buisiness cards around here I can get 1,000 cards for $25.90 or 1,000 flyers for $60.00. I was thinking of just doing buisiness cards.

    How many of you just target certain neiborhoods, because of the lot size and expected work?
  9. lawn guy1350

    lawn guy1350 LawnSite Member
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    1000 flyers for 60 bucks??!
  10. eddings

    eddings LawnSite Member
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    Is this a good price or bad? I don't know I have never advertised before. I have always received new clients through word of mouth.

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