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First WB purchase


LawnSite Member
York PA
Hello everyone, I am starting my business this year. Ultimately, I hope to do it full time, but for this summer I want to do it on a part time basis because I am already working full time and have a family to provide for. I am slowly working on a business plan and trying to get myself set up and organized.

My question is in regards to purchasing a WB mower. I am intending to target smaller residential properties (for now), and as yet can not justify a ZT. The local John Deere dealer is offering a new, but sun faded, Lesco 36" gear drive for $2400 + tax. It is their demo unit from last year. The other option I was considering is Cub Cadet's 36" Residential WB for around $1300. Like everyone else starting out, budget is a major concern. Given that I am intending to do this PT for the next year or two, is the Cub a better choice or the presumbaly more durable Lesco?

Thanks in advance for your advice!!

Jim Crone
Tidy Turfs Lawn Care


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id go with the lesco, real good deal the cub cadet will break on you because its not as durable and with the money you spend fixing it you would have been better off with the lesco


LawnSite Senior Member


LawnSite Senior Member
Wichita, KS
Get hydro if you can, you won't regret it. Better Outdoor Products quick mowers work pretty well for the money and come with good engines.

Like others said, I'd keep checking craigslist and similar, you can probably find something there easily enough.