First weed control app with the Z

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by EVM, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. EVM

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    Made my first practice weed control app with the Z the other day. I did a practice run with 4 oz of MSMA and 6 ounces of Momentum FX in 6 gallons of water @ 1 gallon per K. The results were ok but I think I could go lower on the MSMA and still get control. Right now I think the MSMA is still a tad hot.

    One of the pics you can see where I turned the boom on and did not move fast enough. The other pics you can see green untreated weed but in the back you can see an 8 foot strip of light green that was treated.

    Keep moving!


    Untreated area close up

  2. grassman177

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    msma 3oz per k, not 4 . that would be most of the problem, other than that is app rate and temp/stress.
  3. Hogjaw

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    Is this due to insufficient spray coverage of target?
  4. EVM

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    I am under the app rate of 3oz per k. I had 4 ounces in 6 gallons of water, spraying at 1 gallon per K. That is 1.5 oz of msma per K, the MSMA still worked a little to much. Scary running this Z with weed control in it. I will do another test with .35 oz of MSMA per K and see how it works.
  5. EVM

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    It would work allot better if the weeds/grass had been cut. As is, I do not think the dallisgrass will be growing again anyway.
  6. grassman177

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    math is wrong , gal per k with six gal is 6k ftsq. fOLOW? so 6(thounsand) x 1.5 oz per k is 9oz. so you are even lighter than you think. sure you will get some damage, but not much. i have used 3oz per k in only 1/2 gal per k and did not have damage but great kill. no surfactant or additions. check ur math and see if you might have figured wrong or stated on here wrong.
  7. ted putnam

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    Grassman is correct, check math. I am using 1/3 gal per k tips. That means 1 gal finished mix will spray 3k. I am using 1oz/k MSMA with great results. That means 3oz per 1 gal finished mix or in your case if you were using the same tips as me it would be 18 oz per 6 gals. Does this make since to you now.
  8. Rayholio

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    Be very careful of your speed as well.. The tendancy with the Z is to drive slower than 5mph at 1st... If you this, you will kill stuff... I've also had problems with MSMA in the past out of a hose end sprayer.. maybe the Z tips cause the same problem?

    I suggest using Drive, or even Q4 until you're confortable with the speed.. they seem to be a lot more forgiving than MSMA
  9. rcreech

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    I think one needs to be careful blaming equipment for turf burn.

    If the tip and machine are working correctly it will not cause turf burn (pressure, speed, gallons).

    If one is seeing turf burn from a machine it is purely mis-application from either speed, over lap or mixing etc.

    I don't agree that the Z will burn turf more then any other machine!

    The Z is set up EXACTLY like every sprayer used in a field situation. Almost all ag sprayers are set up this way and spray millions of acres/year. So I don't think we can't fault the Z set up, boom or tip!

    A spray system is a spray just have to use it correctly.
  10. americanlawn

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    Ditto with rc -- Did I see missed areas? (healthy grassy weeds & healthy violets next to grassy weeds trying to die).

    I know if rcreach sprayed this lawn, everything would be dead. But that's why they sell grass seed. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Just kidding Rod - also curious how the Hypro Hi-Flow nozzle (s) work on your Z. :drinkup:

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