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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Townhouse Yards, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. ecurbthims

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    I would love to hear why you chose a ranger after your 6 month search .
  2. Patriot Services

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    I think father had a lot to do with the choice. I get that, sometimes you have to make work with what you got. Let's face it he is a new guy that doesn't have or need several Ztrs and 10 handhelds all on a 16 foot top of the line trailer. Too many guys start out way overkill and never get caght up. A young solo guy can make a decent living with a 5x10 trailer, a wb or short ZTR and handhelds. Its always easy to upgrade when the situation merits it.
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  3. Townhouse Yards

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    I chose the ranger for several reasons.

    1. My dad. He really felt concerned about me starting with a full size truck. He wants me to start small and work my way up. I have driven 3 different rangers, one of which i now own, and they handle a lot differently then what i learned to drive on, an 03 Honda CR-V, of course. After driving them, I am glad I started smaller.

    2. My plan for the next couple of years. I will be landscaping in college, but not a lot. It made snse to go small now, to save for the big stuff later. I have decided after college to work for a couple national companys for a few years, and then go off on my own, which at that point I will buy a 350/3500.

    3. The engine. My dad was dead set on me driving a V6, no way around it. This was one of the better V6's that came up when i researched them.

    4. Cost of insurance. I am paying for half of insurance, and it is less for an 17/18 yr old to drive a ranger than a 150.

    5. Size. This was the only compact truck that accomodated my size reasonably well. Tacoma, frontier, s10, colorado, dakota did not work.

    That is about it. I am super excited to finally have a truck, and it will in for a lot of use coming soon. I will have a few questions later about towing, but I won't worry about them for now.








  4. whiffyspark

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    Have your dad listed as primary driver for insurance reasons
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  5. Townhouse Yards

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    Yeah, I am added onto his policy right now. Cost half of what I thought it would. Whiffy, what do you think of the ranger? I know it's not a half ton, but do you think it can tow a single axle utility trailer well?
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  6. CGros31

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    Nice truck! You will have absolutely NO trouble towing your trailer. For a while I actually towed a 6.5 x 18 with a ZTR and Sub-Compact Tractor on it with a 21 inch mower and two trimmers and a blower. It was a little much for the Ranger, but it handled it better than I thought! That 4.0 with the 4.10 gear ratio pulls hard. When I had my 6 x 12 trailer the Ranger pulled it like it was nobody's business.

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