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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hole in one 2, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. Nebraska

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    You know what guys? It all comes down to marketing and the message that you present.
  2. Mykster

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    Five accts. first year part time. 2nd year had 12. Not much more now. I want to take my time, which I got plenty of. May seem weird to do it this way, but I don't want to grow to fast and get ahead of myself. There's been quite of few jobs I had to turn down or pass to another LCO. I didn't want to take a job that I couldn't handle just to grow my business. There's still alot I need to learn with running a business. I'm in this till I can't do it anymore or when my son can take over after college if he decides to do so in another 20yrs. I'm very happy with where I'm at right now.
  3. crawdad

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    I have a question about some wording on your site. You said, "We mow lawns on a needed basis." Do you have customers think this means that you are "on call?" You know, they call you when they think it needs it? How do you deal with these people?
  4. KerryB

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    7 the first year.
    17 now but 4 of these are multiple property accts.
  5. rvsuper

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    Basically what I'm saying I mow lawns when they need when they need it...really I should change the wording there a little bit, I don't really do that anymore. Thanks for pointing it out.
  6. rvsuper

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    I updated it..and I put a few of the only pictures I took this year with the Proline. Yeah, they look $hitty, but now that I got the chain kit on it, I should have some nicer pics on it this coming spring.
  7. gogetter

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    First year part time- 7.
    Second year part time- 14.
    This coming year going full time. Hoping for about 40 before seasons end.

    I'm with Mykster. I could have gone full bore last year, but decided to take my time and grow slowly and learn as I go. Still have a lot to learn!
  8. FrankenScagMachines

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    1 regular account besides my lawn for the last two years and about a half dozen "occasional" or "seasonal" accounts by seasonal I mean like just in spring when the guy (lawnmower repairman) is too busy to do it himself. I plan on growing this spring (advertise more heavily) and am considering bidding on a church job that is 8.4 acres. Here is my website-


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