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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by llama, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. llama

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    This is our first year in the business. I was wondering, what was everyone's first year gross sales? I still have a full-time job, but plan on quitting next spring.

    Thanks in advance for the info.
  2. sildoc

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    Last year was my first official year and I still had a regular job. I can tell you this It wasn't much and have I made a dime yet? NO. But all my equiptment is paid off and I am in the process of going full bore next year as a full time lawnguy. My gross last year was 14985.09 by the book. This year doubled and money is in the bank for the equiptment I might need next year but if you are looking how much you can make your first year that greatly differs from one region to anther and one person to another. I estimate on my 3d season I will gross somewhere around 90 grand give or take. Net Who knows what it will be. good luck.
  3. TLS

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    GROSS: You want as high as possible.

    NET: You ideally want to be as close to 0 as possible! :p

    The more you make, the more THEY take.

    Make that take less. Smart accounting.
  4. rodfather

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    I think my first full year I did around 40 thousand or so...probably spent almost that much as well. BTW, since then (9 years later) I've smartened up some...

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