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    Thanks, yeah i made it in photoshop. I'm pretty good with that kind of stuff. I have a cool logo too but didnt have time to change up the website. Yeah i know i thought about that as well when i was putting them on... I can kind of do stripes i practice on my lawn but nothing like that. I want to make a striping kit. Does not seem that hard. Maybe a pull behind one just a rubber flap?

    I have some pictures of me mowing & some mulch work i have done i will put them on whenever i get the time.
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    I think door hangers are a good option. Yes it can be a PITA when it was 106 this summer and I swore I would mail out next round. Now that the weather has changed it is not that bad to walk and hang the flyers. My last flyer was simple, bright green heavy card stock printed 3 to a page with black ink from a local print shop that cost me $55 and they drilled a hole for a rubber band to hang with. I hung 1000 in a few select neighborhoods and I picked up 9 accounts. So that was a under that 1% mark but then again it was the middle to late summer when I did it.
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    Thanks, I think i am going to get both. any luck with postcards?
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    Messages: 9,500 might want to do some reading on the leaf cleanup thing. But I would say that using bags is about the least efficient way to do it. It just takes too long to stuff them. Do the towns/cities near you do curbside leaf pickup? If so, it's easiest to just blow and tarp them to the curb. Another easy method would be blowing or tarping them to the woods or the customer's compost pile which is not always an option. You could just run them over with your mower and mulch them, but you would need to make regular visits for that and probably have some mulching blades, and sometimes there's just too many (although some people will say they can mulch any amount of leaves). That might work for your regular mowing customers. Or since your trailer has sides on it, you could tarp them onto your trailer, stomp them down, put a tarp over them and haul them off somewhere, maybe even extend your sides up with plywood temporarily. Or you could stuff them in the back of your truck (good luck getting them out, lol) To reduce the volume a bit, you could run them over a time or 2 with your mower before blowing them, but if you grind them up too much and you'll have trouble doing that. Or, you could grind them up and pick them up with a 21 inch mower with a bagger. Or you could buy the bagger for your tractor and pick them up that way, but I don't know if it has a power unit with it or not. Usually those tractor baggers that don't have a power unit driven off a pulley from the mower deck clog up a lot. There's no pictures or details on the Cub website that I could find.

    Now if you'd bought that walk behind you could just grind them up to dime sized or so, throw the bagger on and pick them up, bundle them in a tarp on your trailer and be all set :p

    There are always threads on here every fall with people discussing their particular leaf removal systems. Here's an old one that I recently resurected.

    The bottom line is that one system doesn't work for all people and all properties. So you will probably have to scratch your head and experiment a bit.

    For pricing on leaf cleanups I usually will give the customer a ballpark estimate but bill them hourly plus any disposal. It can be really hard to estimate leaf cleanups. One word of caution, long grass hides leaves really well. Also be sure to check corners and low spots where leaves tend to accumulate....a heavy wet thick pile of leaves can take a lot of time and energy to clean up.

    Personally, about half of my accounts I blow most of the leaves to the woods and pick the rest up with my Z and bagger. Most of the rest I bring my Z in my dump trailer, grind them, pick them up with the bagger and dump them in the trailer and then try to fit the Z back in. On a few I haul the leaves out in bulk with my dump trailer or hire a buddy to suck them up. I have a leaf loader (vac) but don't use it anymore.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks again. My blower is pretty good on getting sticks leaves small rocks etc.. I know this may sound stupid but i gutter clean with the back pack blower lol. takes 5 min. My uncle has a dump trailer with high sides i could see if i could borrow it. That would be a good idea considering it would cost money to use garbage bags and who knows how many i would need. In Waukesha county they have a dump site for lawn debris that i would be able to use for free. just would charge them for a dumping fee (gas cost). I was looking at an AGRI FAB leaf vacume those things are like 1,000 for a cheap one.. I know they have small push leaf shredders/vacume:
    I know you hate the brand but that is just what i am talking about. the cart ones cost way to much.
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    Those walk behind vacs fill up fast and while ok for a small lawn would drive you crazy for a good sized cleanup. There's a thread about them on here now.

    I actually have an Echo Shredder/Vac and it's for detail work only....window wells, corners or if they want every last leaf out of the pachysandra or ivy and even detailed pickup of hedge/shrub trimmings. I mostly use it in handheld blower mode though.

    Borrowing the dump trailer would be your best bet if you can and your truck can handle it. They're pretty 7 x 12 is over around 3,500 pounds empty. Your trailer would work too though.
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    i use to pull a 3,500lb parking lot sweeper with my truck i think it would handle it lol. 6,000 pounds total with a trailer. but anyway i think i will just go with the leaf blower and a tarp seems like the cheapest method for now. I use to have a lady who had a small lawn who wanted it baged. It sucked i would have to empty the bagger on the push mower every 10-15 min!
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    You got that right. I rented one last fall for one job.
    After that I just mulched over them with the mower set on high. And then dropped it and bagged what came up.

    Are you sure that was minutes or feet?
    In heavy leaves every 10 to 15 feet happens.

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