First Year in Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bbhlawn, Sep 11, 2003.

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    We started our company this year between my wife and I. We have been doing landscape and side jobs for the past few years, but really started to get serious about our own this year.

    We have a JD 717 ZTR, 185 Cub Cadet Lo-boy, Kubota B1500 4x4 with a loader, 16ft landscape trailerswith all the racks, 6x12ft enclosed with the company logo on the sides, Toro 21", 4 backpack blowers, 5 trimmers, 2 stick edgers, 1 walk behind edger, 3 chainsaws, 1 handheld blower and vac, pressure washer, back blade, roller, cultivator, pole pruner and all the misc. hand tools, 2002 4x4 s-10 crew cab and 2002 durango.

    Have been really hitting the flyers hard and advertising where and when I have time. We have a few customers for this season, but want to have 45-60 contracts for next season. And throw in some trims and landscape jobs.

    Still working on getting all the signs on the trailers, tshirts and such, but we are off to a good start I think.
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    Good luck to you and your wife...................:)
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    Sounds like you guys are well on your way to building a successful business.Good luck!

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