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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by smitty's lawncare, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, i am in need of some advice for next year. Next year i plan to become a legitamte business, meaning gettin incorporated, getting insurance and basically trying to establish myself in my area. I am 19 and have been mowing since the age of 12. Over those years i have accumulated 18 loyal customers that i mow on a weekly basis. Basically i want to branch out a bit and gain about 10 more customers. What would be the best way of doing this? Ive tryed the flyers, but they arent very effective and ive tryed the craigslist posting, and that didn't turn out so well. What is the best way of advertisement/marketing? Thank you for your help!
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    best way of advertising is word of mouth. give your customers a reason to refer you. free cut etc. local newspaper add, dropping off cards at stores, network with other companies in your area, see if they have taken on too much work and need to temp sub stuff out. facebook, and wrapping your truck with your company logo
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    I would set up a website and use the method to give instant online quotes right on your site. I would also go with professional looking door hangers and make sure to include your website address on the door hanger. I would also have a promotion that says " go to to get an instant online quote! Sign up today and receive the discount sated on the quote." It worked for our lawn care service and can work to grow your business as well. Go to to see what the customer will see. Also, go to to sign up.
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    Acculawns : I just looked at the referral program and your online measuring tool. The tool is a joke and here's why. According to your site the company listed for my zip code does not treat lots my size, but you treat my neighbor's smaller lawn. My lot is large, while my neighbors is only about an acre. But here lies the problem, my neighbor only has about 30k sq ft of turf. My lot is much larger but it is all woods, ponds and wetlands, I have a small lawn of only 7k sqft. If I was looking for a lawn care company, your referred company would never get my name as you are telling me my lawn is to big for them.
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    I went legal this year. My lawyer said that being a LLP you can still get personally get sued. When you send an employee to work on a property and does damage the employee and the LLP both can be sued.

    If you are their doing the work the LLP and you personally (because you personally did the damage) can be sued.

    Money was tight so I elected to just register my business, get sales tax number, EIN number. Good luck.
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    Lulz. Pwnd

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