First year offering Pesticide!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Bouncer, Jan 18, 2003.

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    Hi everyone,
    This will be our first year offering pesticide application. Any advice that you could give would much be appreciated. We are going to take some pesticide classes before season this much i do know. What are some of the better equipment and pesticides to use? How often? What kind of pricing could you suggest?? We are in the Western KY. region and many of our customers have began requesting this service. This will be our second year in the Lawncare business full time so we are feeling the pressure to expand our services into many other areas. Any advice would be deeply appreciated!
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    I am assuming you have your applicators license. Do you have a Lesco dealer near you? They can provide you with the information you need. The Lesco here is very helpful, they will write a plan to fit your needs, like what, when,etc. to apply.
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    We've said it before, but I think this calls for it to be said again. BOY, BE CAREFUL! First year doing it, probably not that much real education on the matter if you are taking pesticide classes, and surely no experience, if you have not been certified and licensed before. Are you hiring a licensed applicator? The thing about this, is that you can take all the classes, you can take the tests and pass them with flying colors, but the real learning comes out in the field with experience. You have to actually see some of the damage or non-effectiveness you can do as you are going along to learn on this stuff. This is a risky proposition for someone with no experience. Now, I'm not meaning to be negative or anything, and I hope you DO do it, but what I AM saying, as I said it before, is be careful!
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    Hello everyone. I am the other half of WE on Bouncers post. I grew up on a farm and have applied pesticides several times. I have had my private applicator license for the last 10 years. But the law in this state at least says that to apply commercial, I must take and pass the commercial applicator test offered by the County CO-Op extension agent through the University of Ky. So that is the classes Bouncer is referring to. I was told I needed this commercial cert. for applying pretty much anything at all, such as herbicides and liquid fertilizer, not just pesticides in the traditional sense.
    Again, Thanks for any feedback you all can give.:)

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