First year with zero clumps

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    Just a report. I've been using the Turf Tiger with the Velocity plus deck this year and it is the first time I have ever went all year with no clumping no matter what the conditions. I have mowed thick wet spring growth and dry weedy grass and the deck has been a real work horse. In fact the Turf Tiger it's self is a real work horse. I never thought I would say it but its getting used more than the Lazer Ultracut. The Lazer will leave a bit smoother cut in normal conditions but the Scag will give a good cut in any conditons. It will slice right through the thickest damp growth that would be too much for the Ultra cut and is much better in wet grass. I'm not saying this is the best deck made but it's made a believer out of me (an Exmark fan). After owning Grasshopper, Dixie, Exmark, Hustler and Scag my next mower would probably be a Scag. If all my lawns were weekly and well manicured then it would be a toss up between the Scag and Exmark (giving the edge to the Exmark on normal growth). But for an all around mower that gives a very good cut in all conditions and holds hills better than any other ZTR I've been on (Giving the Hustler Super Z a close second) I am sold on Scag. The design looks a bit dated compared to some mowers but I guess if it's not broke then it doesn't need fixing. The big block Briggs has prefomed excellent as well. Those of you that know me know I try to give very unbiased reviews and I have really put the Scag through the test before posting. The Exmark will clump in some of these conditions and has, I think because it recycles the grass into smaller pieces. The Velocity leaves longer clippings but fans them out so well they rarely pose a problem.
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    I have seen older scags cut through a rediculous amount of grass. No doubt they can handle it. They also used to be VERY heavy and bulky machines.
  3. HenryB

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    I've narrowed my next mower down to A Wildcat 60in or an LazerZ AS 60. I'm in the northeast any opinion on wich would be a better choice
  4. jtkplc

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    I wonder how the Velocity Deck would compare to the Triton. The company I work for just bought a 2006 Triton with the update kit and the deck is much better than the Ultracut, especially in wet grass where I can't get it to clump, and it very thick grass. The Triton is an amazing deck and I think it is making the best better like the marketing said. In fact I'm so impressed with it that I'm thinking of selling my 260Z and buying an Exmark with the Triton deck, it's just that good.
  5. tjsquickcuts

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    Amen....We have been getting rain lately, and the velocity deck with two passes usually leaves a nice clean cut. I posted some pics in another thread cutting some wet high grass. I will admit, its now those my top notch lawns, but for my cluster homes, it will eat through 20 in less then 3 hours, and thats double and sometimes triple cutting depending on the growth. But like you said, for a everyday mower, I think the TT is the $&!!tttttt. And, talk about hills, I will post some pics from a few homes with hills, and this one commercial property later this week when we go out to them. I've gone up and down some very steep hills, and didnt loss much power at all. Even lateral, and diagonal on some of the hills I stuck like glue....My only grip is its a pita when trying to change the oil. My hands get all beat up while changing my oil everytime. JMO...
  6. Palmer'sLS

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    the velocity, from the amount of time I've used it around 75 hours, ive never had one clump. the poor old 3000 ferris hasnt seen grass in two monthes. no need for it...great great deck
  7. smcunningham

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    Keep the great posts coming Tacoma200.
    I don't have a brand new TT but i still think mine is a beast of a all around mower...
  8. tacoma200

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    I don't think you could go wrong with either. The Velocity is better in wet grass. No doubt the Lazer would leave a little smoother cut. The turf tiger is the only Scag model I have used and its just a good all around no nonsense get the job done type ZTR. If you moving large amounts of grass it's hard to beat the Velocity. It is an open design and grass never loads up,, sticks or clumps. I would test both. I know the AS Lazer is a great product also. I'm on my second Lazer.
  9. tacoma200

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    I was told to get an extension kit for the drain plug. I'm sure that would help. It is not fun getting to the plug on the Big Briggs, If I have a complaint it would be the back end sticks out further and you have to be care ful on a steep ramp or approaching an incline strait on or the rear pully will drag.
  10. tacoma200

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    I would love to try out the Triton, just so many mixed reports.

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