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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Decoste76, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Decoste76

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    This is my first year doing my own thing.. have been landscaping for my 6th year i currently have 19 weekly accounts just purchased a $7200 lawn mower and a $5000 dump truck.. i just lost another big house account.. $100 a mow, im starting to get nervous on what this is going to turn into i havent been getting hardly any new work.. let me know if im just getting to worked up over it.. im only 19 years old and the work i do is good quality work.. the lady we just lost the house said she wanted to get a full time landscaper which i dont understand we were there every week but the thing im thinking is she might of just wanted us to do everything without askn she has $$$ but i hate doing that causse i can always back fire and the lady could say "hey im not paying for that work i never wanted it done" so let me get your opinons
  2. bradseabridge

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    I think you spent way to much money for the amount of work you have. I can't beleive you paid cash for the truck and the mower. If you did however good for you and don't worry about it because you don't have payments anyway.
  3. Hell on Blades

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    I agree, startups must operate on a cash only basis. Without hearing the tone of his voice, this guy sounds scared. I would be too.
  4. knox gsl

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    Hit the ground hard in the spring and get the business first before everyone else gets out. Push you leaf clean-ups as well. I have lost 2 very good customers due to thier own finacial issues. I am fortunate enough to have 2 other companies that I drive for in the winter that keep me very busy and make more off of that than I do with landscape work. Its funny how I go and drive trucks and set up audio equipment for concerts to make ends meet in the winter and there are alot of guys that would cut grass to make ends meet till they could get on full time doing production work.
  5. Decoste76

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    from MASS
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    Im financing the mower, and the truck i bought mainly for the winter so it will work out this winter, the truck is more than half way payed for and i also have a winter job that i just started that i get 14 an hr and can work it around my landscape schedule i just really want to push this landscape business i want to someday be a huge company kind of seems far catched
  6. georgiagrass

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    First: I think going into debt to start up a business is a mistake. Second: You can't get wound around the axel over what any individual customers do. Customers will come and go for every reason you can imagine and some you could never think of. You just have to constantly work to add new customers.

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