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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CuttingEdge314, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. CuttingEdge314

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    hey guys,

    i recently purchased a landscape business that came with everything i need to do very well, i have 4 yrs experience and thought its time to go into business for myself and what better way then buy a business that has income immediately! Some of the things that came with it are

    2013 exmark s serier 60" zt
    8 & 16 ft open trailers
    2 echo back pack blowers
    2 husq weed wackers
    04 explorer-sold
    ariens 48" zt-sold
    4 26" snow blower
    2 salty dog salt spreaders
    2010 scag 48" walk behind i purchased separate

    12 mowing and landscape contracts
    6 snow removal contracts

    Currently i can cut all the lawns by myself in 2 long days, so I'm sticking with my day job as a union glass worker til i get get around 4 full days a week. Very excited and motivated to build this business up. Any advice is appreciated! Will post pics soon.
  2. larryinalabama

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    Cool, good luck.

    I worked 18 months part time before I went full time. Its a real good chance to save some money.
  3. redmax fan

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    if never have ran one and you go to buy a new back pack ide suggest the 8000 redmax , huge power - reliable - well made . the powers worth the $600 ticket
  4. RSK Property Maintenance

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    does this business make money? why did the previous owner want out? are the contracts commercial or residential. how about the snow contracts? did you see the guys accounting records before to be sure the business makes money before you paid whatever it is you paid for this business which doesn't seem to have more then 20,000 in equipment max...
  5. CuttingEdge314

    CuttingEdge314 LawnSite Member
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    i was told he was selling the business because his wife took a job offer in FL. i got his profit loss statement for the past 4 yrs and everything looked good, i got an attorney to make sale and contracts all legit. comm/residential is about 50/50 and after fuel, insurance, and my loan i am bringing in about 3500 a month on 2 days a week cutting. all snow contracts are comm. and i didn't buy the business thinking i was going to make a ton of money right of the bat, did it to get my foot in the door, I've added 3 weekly cuts and 1 monthly since purchases and have done a trim job at least once a week, in my opinion its a great start.
  6. MDHomeSVCS

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    Dang, must be big lots and lots of landscaping to bring in $3500 net on only 12 accounts! Nice work and congrats!!

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