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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by meauxgrass, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. meauxgrass

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    I've finally narrowed down my choices for a new mower and I could really use the advice of everyone here. So the final contestants are an exmark lazer z e series and a gravely pro turn 260. These two mowers aren't exactly an apple to apple comparison which is why I'm having such a hard time choosing.
    So here's a basic overview:
    ProTurn 260 model 992269
    Kawasaki® FX850V 27 HP/852 CC
    Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400
    13.4 gal fuel
    13/6 mph 7.9 acres/hr
    5yr 1250hr warranty

    Exmark Lazer Z e series model LZE751CKA604A1
    Kawasaki® FX751V 24.5 HP 852 CC
    Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems , 1.7-quart integrated reservoir. 12 cc pumps and 14. 5 cu in motors.
    8 gal fuel
    10/6 mph 6.06acres/hr
    2yr unlimited hr warranty

    It also should be noted that the gravely can be had at a similar price to the exmark if I get a demo unit(guaranteed to have under 200 hours of operation, has been continually and fully serviced by dealer and comes with new model worth of warranty). Both dealers are local, less than a 15 min drive to each and both have given me honest and reliable service in the past for other equipment.

    Both dealers use the same finance company and are both offering 24, 36, and 42 month financing with no down payment required and 0% interest.

    As far as what I'll be using it for I have :
    one residential lot at about .25 acres lots of trees/bushes
    one apartment complex with roughly 2.25 acres mostly open with 2 acres being an open field(somewhat bumpy)
    one commercial lot all open maybe .125 acres

    There is potential for a 2-4 acre (mostly open area) residential that may or may not be added to the list. Owner has not come to a decision yet.

    I should mention that none of these properties are cut for pay in the traditional sense. It's all family property that I do as a sort of exchange of service type of deal.

    Currently I have a normal riding mower powered by 27HP Kohler Command with a 54" deck. Although it's been put through all the levels of hell and come out relatively unscathed it is 15 yrs old now and is unfortunately too slow for the time allotted by my new work schedule.

    Thanks in advance to all who post and I look forward to reading your replies.
  2. Charles

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    I love Exmarks. Similar price, it would be Exmark for me. I could see the temptation for more horsepower though. That is a tough one. 24 would still get the job done. You couldn' t go wrong with either one imo. If you are going to let the grass get high then I would go with the gravely
  3. Jmcculler

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    My opinion, both of those mowers are underpowered for a 60" cut. When you go to a ztr running twin hydros, a lot of your power is taken just by the drive motors. It's not the same as a conventional mower. With the properties you have they would get the job done but just something to consider. A lot of guys have pointed this out on any 60" ztr with those engines.
  4. meauxgrass

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    Ok so I'll be up honest and admit that I am a bit lacking in knowledge on this subject. You mention that 27hp/44.6tq is under powered. At what engine rating would you say is sufficient/comfortable for a 60" cut? The biggest engine available for these two model (to my knowledge anyway) is a 29hp/ 50.1tq yamaha. Does 2hp/4.4tq make that much of a difference? Is the yamaha still underpowered? I'm trying to get more informed before I make such a big commitment.
  5. Jmcculler

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    my 61" has the zt-5400 hydros. running a 37hp vanguard EFI and you can tell the power drain running the mower at speeds. Hard to get the deck to bog the engine but the hydros I have noticed. Either one of those mowers you mentioned will be great for what your intending them for. Just dont look at the top speeds or what they say they will cut per hour, your just setting yourself up for disappointment. Real world, you can't mow at those speeds with those engines and cut more than an inch off the grass. .
  6. meauxgrass

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    Under the assumption that I cut each property once weekly and I cut at about3.5 to 4in for cut height what would be a realistic cut time? Specifically for the 2.25acre property. In the worst of growth conditions at this cutting interval I'd say I'm cutting an average of 2inches off the height of the grass. At most there might be patches that require 3 inches to be cut but that's rare. Also I'm cutting a majority of St Augustine grass if that matters. It takes 45min to an hour to trim, edge and blow down the walkways and my target goal is to be able to do the whole property mowing and all in 2hrs or less. Is this too lofty a goal?
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  7. Jmcculler

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    2.25 acres. depending on terrain and obstacles, 45 min to an hour of seat time
  8. Jmcculler

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    I have one property that's 4.5 acres, cut once a week, quickest I have ever got it done was 3 hours with a ferris 3200z 61" with the 37hp vanguard EFI.
  9. meauxgrass

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    The property is mostly open with 2acres being an open field with a few mild bumps. If your results can be used as a guide it would seem that my approximate 2hr goal will be doable at least under ideal conditions.
  10. Jmcculler

    Jmcculler LawnSite Member
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    yeah, with either of those machines, 2 hrs is completely doable. I know I am a ferris mower fanboy but when you say its bumpy, Ferris is one of the only ones with 4 wheel independent suspension, if there was a dealer close by. The suspension makes a world of difference on your body and being able to maintain speed.

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