fish in water?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by humble1, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. humble1

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    Doesnt a application of fish fert in water get the same end result as application of tea to turf? You are definatly feeding the microbes right?
  2. Gerry Miller

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    Fish is great fungal food. AACT is a way of supercharging your soil with microorganisms more so than feeding the microbes. The microbes still need to be fed after you apply your AACT with some protein meal would be ideal.
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    We had a very funny conversation on the floor of NE Grows yesterday about that subject. There was a company that came up with a salmon mixture to spray on the soil. It was meant as a deer repellent and it stunk to high heaven. It seems the return rate on the product was 60% or higher and they couldn't figure out why.

    They called some of the stores to find out why everyone was bringing them back. The first response was that it stunk so bad and lasted so long that you couldn't spray it without the whole neighborhood complaining but the other thing was that it attracted BEARS, it kept the deer away, but the bears loved it. In some cases people said the neighborhood would be full of bear sitings after they used it.

    It was a good idea but had a couple of problems LOL

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