Fish Ponds and rain

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by cindyb, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. cindyb

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    Sounds incredible!!

    I didn't have a UV on the first pond but my koi are huge so I'll take any help I can get with extra nutrients (ducks).

    Some people freak when a frog or toad gets in their pond. A koi with a healthy immunity can fight off a couple parasites like flukes. I have the microscope handy just in case. I've only had one snake. Don't mind them till I bend over and find it as a surprise.

    What do you do for shade? I'm considering a shade sail, the koi destroy the water hyacinth.
  2. tadpole

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    About 50% of the stream is in constant shade. At any given time of day, about 30% of the pond is shaded by surrounding trees. Water temps may rise as high as the low 80's, but no higher.

    If you are not overly concerned with looks, 50% shade nursery cloth is ideal. That is what I originally used before the landscaping got large enough to provide the shade required.
  3. cindyb

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    from KY
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    Thats what I usually do, kinda a lean with pvc on half the net so the air can flow thru. I don't like the looks of the nets but we have heron. My friend in Ponte vedra has gators and heron so I guess I can't complain.

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