Fisher\Western - Fishstern?

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  1. BRL

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    Can one of you enlighten me about the Western\Fisher set up? Does one company own the other? Does another company own both? I remember I bought a yellow Fisher Speedcaster 2 Stage spreader a few years ago & my dealer told me its really a Western Pro Flo 2. I remember seeing a red Pro Flo 2 in his lot & sure enough it was exactly the same except for the color. Everybody posts Fisher & Western interchangably here so what gives? I think its about time that I understand their relationship. Thanks.
  2. plowking35

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    Both companies are owned by Douglas Dynamics. Western was bought by them maybe mid 80's and fisher about 10 years ago. They share hydro components and the v plows are basically the same. The spreaders are definantely the same units. I think Douglas Dynamics is owned by an even larger interest, but I dont recall their name.
    It is similar to meyer diamond, they are both owned by a larger company.
  3. John DiMartino

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    I have both Fisher minute mounts and a western uni-mount.The plow pump and all wiring is identical,even the in cab controller,but the plow frame,mounting brackets and plow all all different.I'd like to see a hybrid of the fisher mounts,and frame with the western's abilty to scrape and pile snow.

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