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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cupzandamug, Apr 11, 2007.

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    i passed out about 700 flyers today (i know i shouldve passed out more,but the 700 were the first of the copies someone ran off for me)and i received a callback rather fast.

    she said that it was illegal to put anything anywhere on the mailbox unless they have a box under the mailbox. very few mailboxes around here have boxes under them(for newspapers) my question is what are some alternatives to the flyer method. someone said mailing them, but(i know this might sound dumb)where do you get the adresses from, and how do u target the area around your house, because driving door 2 door is gas cosuming you pretty much know the area that hit.reason being is there are houses around appartments and i wouldnt want to waste a flyer on them. thanks in advance
  2. Ecoscape01

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    Direct mailing is pretty expensive if your on a low budget but in my area, the contractor who I sub for seems to get the best response from direct mailing. You can purchase address lists from various companies online. You can order those lists based on many different criteria such as income, age, size of property, etc....Google direct mailing and you'll find all the info you need. Talk to your post office about setting up a bulk mailing account. It is 160 set up fee and then an annual fee of 160. You need to do at least 200 mailings per year I think which isn't much but it's not worth it unless you do thousands. When you bulk mail the per piece price ranges from like 13 - 24 cents per piece depending on the size of what your mailing.
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    PUT FLYERS IN THERE PAPERBOX NOT THE MAIL BOX. if they dont have one its time to do some walking and go door to door and slide it under. (pay kids a couple dollers and they will do it for you most of the time)
  4. cupzandamug

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    i had my nephew with me but i had no idea
  5. cupzandamug

    cupzandamug LawnSite Member
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    and i am on a budget but i think i can or will have 2 make room forit. now about the bulk mail......... i throw away bulk mail everyday, will it go out looking like a regular letter,because i dont want 2 waste the little funds i do have,so can anyone tell me if they had success w/ this.
  6. ChadsLawn

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    Heres my was of doign flyers...Go out and get boxes of 1 gallon twisty tie storage bags. Goto Home Depot and get bags of white river rock. Goto Walmart to the hair brush section and get boxes if small rubber band hair ties. They should be no bigger then a quarter. Small the better. Go home and open the bags of rock in your driveway, rinse them off real good. Let dry. Roll all your flyers lettering out so your name in what shows. Put a msall rubber band around it, insert into 1 gallon bag. Insert a rock or 2 depending on size. Tie bag.. All done. The rick is so the bag doesnt fly off sitting on the driveway. Nothing illeagle on throwing on a driveway....

    Hope this helps..
  7. cupzandamug

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    hmmmmmmmmmmm. u might have something here. i could pass them out at night so when they leave in the morning.........:sleeping: :walking: :dancing: thanks for the idea
  8. CoreyD

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    Chadslawn.... how good has that worked?
  9. Ecoscape01

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    I've read guys on here knock that way of doing it saying it's littering but my mother talked to may Aunt last week. My Aunt said that someone did that in her upscale neighborhood and she thought it was very creative and if she needed services, she would've called the company. I may try it in the future.
  10. Sorensen Lawn Care Inc

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    I bought door hangers this year. 10,000 for about $425 at If that is too expensive just buy some rubber bands, roll the flyer and attach it to the door knob. I have got a lot of calls... pays for the advertising real fast.

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