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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mitchellmeines, Dec 8, 2011.

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    i'd be curious why the 52" is preferred as well. trailer width is the only thing i can think of.

    if the trailer i had when i purchased my 52" mower was wider i would have purchased a 60" deck.

    with the trailer i have now my next purchase will most likely be a 60" deck. if you can use a 52" mower on the property there is plenty of room for a 60".
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    I've used a Hustler Mini Z 44 for a few years now. Worked out great for me so far.
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    The answer could be argued til the end of time. It only can be answered by each individule operation and operator.

    I think most are saying use a smaller deck to the op as the pic of the prop is really small. I have had both. I have 60's now. I also have a 48. I sometimes would like to have another 48 or all 52. This is what works best for me. I can say the smaller deck does do better on hilly properties. I do trim less when I use the 48 vs the 60. Plus my 60 weighs 1450 and my 48 450. It takes about the same time on properties similar to what the op pictured. Now big commercials there's no comparisons.
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    I assume they're like me and thinking they want to be able to still walk w/o pain when they're old. My knees were the knees of a 60 y/o till I started using ZTR's whenever possible over a decade ago after years of wb/sulky setups. Now I can almost dance like those Russians. No knee issues at all.

    Most ZTRs will not contour great but if you look hard enough and know why mowers mow smooth and why they don't, you can find the right setup. ZTR's also are faster on any but very small lawns, can easily be backed up, have a deck lift pedal to avoid scalping on rises and awkward turns, can have a leaf collection system mounted, and of course you use less energy sitting on your rear end than walking or standing on something. They also typically have a 3 blade setup which often is shorter from front to rear which can help avoid scalping on low-mown varieties of grass compared to the long wheelbase of a wb. They also have larger tires which can help them "float" over holes in the lawn a tiny wheel on a small wb would drop down in. And unless it's a hydro wb, it will tire you a lot on small lots where you turn constantly. In your 20's you don't notice it much. But as you age joints start to show the wear.

    My 32 and 36" wbs would do a nice job on many lawns, but would surprise me sometimes by leaving a scalped look on Bermuda. With taller grasses I found there wasn't much of a problem, but also that there wasn't as much of a problem with a ZTR either (except for turf wear, which you have to be careful with).

    There can be advantages to a small wb. It'd be nice to have one of everything, but you typically have to make compromises based on how much you can spend and how much you can haul around as well as how lawns are in your area. I rarely come accross large back yards fenced with small gates here. I bought and kept a 32" around for those for years. I realized eventually it was cheaper to just pass on those.

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