Fix carb needle/seat or get whole new carb?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by banjogum, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Hi guys -- really hoping someone here has had this problem or knows how to fix it!
    Don't ask why, but I recently bought a used Craftsman mower (model 917.388.930, 6hp Briggs engine 122K02 0577 E1). Yesterday, after priming it, it barely started, then sputtered for a few seconds and died. Replaced spark plug, checked the air filter (which was filthy) & replaced that. Then, went on to clean the carb bowl & jet; however, as I was cleaning the bowl, the pin fell out of the float, dropping the float as well as the needle valve (I really didn't want that to happen - probably the angle I had the mower tilted at). I went to the local hardware shop and asked about re-inserting the needle. The guy there sold me a needle/seat kit and told me to get the old seat out first. Here's my problem (I think): I have NO clue of how to effectively get that original seat out! I tried with a piece of wire but nothing came out so I thought it fell out with the needle. So I inserted the new seat (groove side away from needle head), new needle, re-assembled everything.

    Then I tried starting. Not a chance - nothing even close to starting. But the air filter is soaked in fuel now. I probably really messed this up, but do you have any tips for how I can straighten out this snafu? Also, hardware guy urged me to take off and disassemble the WHOLE carburetor. I have no idea of how to do this. Any suggestions? FINALLY: Would I be better off buying a whole new carb and replacing it? Would that actually be easier?

    I know I'm asking a lot, and I'm in fairly unfamiliar territory ... but I am definitely motivated to fix this mower myself and I REALLY appreciate your wisdom and assistance!

    Thanks very much,
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    Yes, probably.
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    The part number for your carburetor is 498170.

    You can pull those rubber seats out by using a special hooked tool called a Tecumseh 670377.
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    Check your PM's.

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