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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by IES, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. IES

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    Got a call from a woman in a nicer neighborhood that has a back yard she's been fighting for years to get grass to grow and a sprinkler system that "doesnt work". So I go over and take a look cause she "can't stand living like this anymore". Someone has overseeded 2 years ago and last year laid mats and have fert and overseeded like crazy still no grass. Well there are large drainage issues and soil is crap backfill and concrete washout gravel etc.(i dont think it would sustain dandelions) so im doing up the estimate which includes fixing drainage issues and removing soil and bringing in good dirt and then sod the whole yard oh yeah sodded front last year but its dead from sprinkler issue. This estimate is getting high but I dont think there is any way around fixing this. Im going to explain why we need to address the issues and hope she doesnt pass out. 6k feet of sod 110 ft of wall and redoing drain tiles. Im not taking any short cuts cause i dont want to be associated with 1/2mule work. i'll update as we progress
  2. ajslands

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    A retaining wall? Or just a wall?
    Are you able to get a skid back there?
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  3. IES

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    Retaining wall to match one in front yard and no I cant get a skid in there. Lots of grunt work and sweat
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  4. nobagger

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    That sucks! Why not just top dress a few inches with a stone slinger. Or what about renting a bark blower? I "heard" you can put dirt through them. Just a few thoughts.
  5. IES

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    I'll look into it. I'm meeting homeowner next week to discuss plan of action
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  6. Smallaxe

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    If sod died in the front last year for lack of irrigation, I wouldn't trust her to irrigate sod in the back... I would take out a minimum of dirt and bring in compost to mix with what is already there with a thin covering of a clay loam topsoil. It will create a good base and save time, labor and money... Soil is only called dirt when there is no humus in it...
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    Smallaxe is right. Fix the sprinklers. Take a refundable deposit in case she doesn't water. Contour it for drainage. Smooth wide drainage flows--nothing steep. Tube for gutters. Avoid hauling soil by wheelborrow.
    Add a few bags of organic stuff --like Milorganite. Arrange to teat it and feed it every 5 weeks, (partly so you can keep an eye on it). Grass will grow on clay if cared for properly. Make sure sunlight is at least 6 hours per day for sod.
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  8. ReddensLawnCare

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    any updates?
  9. IES

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    Meeting Thursday. I am working on drawing and proposal today.
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  10. IES

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    Met with customer today and explained what I wanted to do by adding a berm and retaining wall, regrade back yard trim some low branches on the trees and redirect drainage and resod front and back. Funny thing customer wanted last company to do exactly that and they talked them out of it. We tested out irrigation and backflow preventer was blown and a few leaks here and there. I am going to give an estimate on changing out heads and tweaking but back yard zone was laid out by someone who really didn't put alot of thought in it. Sounds like the customer wants it fixed right which always makes me feel better.
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