Fix Your Business on the Toilet

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dllawson, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. STLlawnboy

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    PM sent interested!!
  2. CCA Green Services

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    That sounds great PM me, I'm interested!!!!:cool2:
  3. dllawson

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    Thank you for the interest in this program. So far I have 2 companies signed up, and I will start replying to everyone else soon. The first Saturday and Sunday of this program are pretty easy, so it is very possible we could get started this weekend.

    I would like to include as much variety in company location and size as possible. To make it easier to sort your replies, please include a little information about your business. Let me know your sending a PM if you don't want to make this information public.

    Where are you located?

    How many crews do you have? What is your approximate revenue? Are you still full or part-time in the field?

    What is the biggest challenge you hope this program could help you over come?

    What is your most important goal for 2013?
  4. ToddH

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    PM sent.

    I normally charge people for professional services. J/K
  5. dllawson

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    Thank you for signing up, Seabee.
  6. BZlawncare

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  7. fedcopcutting

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    also in the dallas /ft worth area and I am intrested too.
  8. dllawson

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    This group is really taking shape. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me so far. I still need to reply to a few of you tonight. I think I have a great group of owners to work with, and I am really looking forward to your feedback.

    I would still like to add 1 company from somewhere around Denver, and 1 from the West Coast.
  9. SRT8

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    from CA
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    Im from CA and interested. I run multiple crews, 21 total employees. Always interested in learning new things or giving tips on what works and what doesnt. We are doing very well but theres always room for improvement
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  10. MarvelLawnCare

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