Fixed deck - anti scalping techniques?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fprintf, May 19, 2003.

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    Are there any mowing techniques I can employ to minimize size scalping, or slightly lower cutting, on my 48" walk behind? When I mow slight inclines I tend to get some side part of the grass slightly lower than the rest of the cut. This happens either in a straight line where the incline is slightly more steep than the rest of the hill *or* when going around trees. The deck is mostly level, so I am assuming:

    a) the cut on the side of the hill is from one side sitting just slightly lower than when I mow the next stripe and
    b) going around the corner the mower might be "tipping", although I am only in first gear so I didn't think I had much momentum.

    Any old timers want to offer techniques on avoiding scalping on fixed deck walk behinds?
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    i usually attack a crested hill with a straight pattern perpendicular to the crest, and when i get to the knoll i put some weight down on the handle bars to lift the deck up as i roll over the top. same thing for going down over the crest. if i'm cutting across the crest i'll run 2 stripes parrallel to the knoll, one on each side to get a nice level cut, then i'll go at it across and put downward pressure on the bars to lift the deck up, that way you don't get an un-even cut over the crest.
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    What are the crest and knoll?

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