fixed deck walk behind


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I have been toying with the idea of picking up a walk behind.(should have never sold mine two years ago). But im getting more and more properties where i need one. What is with all the fixed decks? I have never owned one that was fixed dont they scalp if its uneven.
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I have had a 36" Exmark Viking for 16 years, hydro drive, fixed deck. The primary concern is front-to-back, not side to side. The distance between the caster wheels and the drive wheels is more important than the width.

I have no problem scalping, and many of my properties are undulating terrain. I have a 48" floating deck on my ZTR, and it is more prone to scalping than the 36" fixed. I would not think twice about a fixed deck replacement. Height changes are simple and quick -- spacer washers on the caster spindles. Yea, yea, I've heard all the stories about rake of the deck, but I call it all bogus. I see no difference in quality of cut by changing the spacers on the spindles.


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Only thing I hate is messing with those greasy caster spacers on the forks to adjust deck height. Also if you go from mowing @ 5 inches to 3 inches you can't usually drop 2 inches in the caster and have to make two adjustments one at the blade spindle and one at the fork. Scalping isn't a big deal a floating deck doesn't help much with scalping It's not like those wheels on the deck are going to lift the deck up high enough to not scalp. There are models that adjust without using caster spacers like the older Gravely with 4 pins to lift and lower the deck. I have all old Gravely walk behinds just for that feature now.