Fixed Deck. Why?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Remsen1, Sep 7, 2005.

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    I've got a fixed deck walk behind. Over time I have gotten used to what I need to do to prevent scalping and gouging although sometimes it is virtually unavoidable (but not very often). Now that I have gotten used to the machine I have accepted that there are additional steps that I must take to maneuver over uneven ground. Recently, while taking these extra steps, and getting tired of it, I got to wondering, what are the PRO's of having a fixed deck? I can't come up with any answers, but would love to hear some. Help put my mind at ease that a fixed deck is better in some ways.

    I was looking at some John Deere standers and z's and they've got floating decks and thought "man, wouldn't that be nice to have".
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    There are less parts to maintain and less areas for there to be a problem. Also they're cheaper!
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    To me, float-decks are for people who don't know or haven't learned or never will learn how to cut grass, that's the truth and many will argue, but only he who KNOWS how to cut grass with a fixed deck is a true professional.

    Why the fixed deck is better in Toro's words - No better combination of cut, quality and price can be found in a wide-area walk-behind mower.

    My own experience:
    - Weighs 300lbs. instead of 500 - better mpg in the truck for one.
    - Is noticeably harder to get stuck in mud and WHEN she does get stuck, is a lot easier to pull out.
    - Is POSSIBLE to push UP onto the trailer without motor power AND without hernia.
    - Eats less fuel, a LOT less! I cut 15 $30 yards on 3 gallons (95.4 octane)
    - Less moving parts means less noise, less clatter, less bs and nonsense, less parts to break and less parts to fix.
    - Fixed decks have far higher blade rpm's, enabling a mulched lawn with straight blades.
    - Fixed deck transmissions have FIVE forward speeds, not four - FAST!
    - A new one costs 3 thousand instead of 4. Get used to a fixed deck and save a grand every time you buy a new one, and laugh at all the fools for free.

    The 48" is the LARGEST deck that will STILL fit through MOST single gates. No, it won't do a 3-footer but it DOES fit through MOST 4-footers. You can angle it through, you get one end through then the other, it's not like a float-deck you can't angle a float, it's too bulky. Oh, and the 48 runs circles around lazy floats, outruns the 52" everytime.

    Here are my 2:
    My first, true love:
    My second wife:
    My 2nd did make the 1st one a bit jealous but my first knows she'll never compare, the 2nd's too beautiful, we'll never have the fun we first had.

    Notice BOTH have velkes because you can't experience true awesomeness unless you're cutting grass in 5th gear, the ONLY way, so fast they outrun Ztr's on anything under an acre. So if you're not cutting in 5th gear, you're not feeling it and you're wasting the cutting edge, the straight razor of all grass machines is not being used to its full potential.

    Both of them are POWERFUL, Ultra-Light, FAST, HIGHLY Maneuverable and neither one puts up with the bs, they are the first and only no-nonsense grass-cutting machine. See, float-decks are mild-mannered babes who forgive our mistakes and they are also heavy, slow, cumbersome and full of play. As for me, I've been riding the wild stallion for the past 2000 yards and will NEVER go back to a lazy float.

    ... WHen I first bought the 30197 I thought I'd gotten a p o s, but I had no choice, BOTH my main 52" floatdecks were broke down hard. Man I cursed, but I took it in stride, the machine had POWER like nothing I'd ever experienced, and she was LIGHT and capricious, she had a definite temperament, a wild one waiting to be mastered, a challenge that left me sore day after day as I rested wondering about this machine that finally COULD do what I could not. So one day at a time I cut yard after yard and learned a little at a time and soon (maybe it was a month later, dunno) I realized I'd gotten pretty good and slowly she became my babe. Over time, we made love on many a turf and I even had the rare opportunity of testing her will one day and she reared herself, turned and showed me the underside of her deck with all blades spinning, coming at me. It was my mistake, I took her on a steep incline and went to turn UP the hill when hell broke loose... She then flipped end over end (it was a sight to behold) and flew down the hill, landed HARD on all 4 tires, spewing grass and dust out the sides, blades and motor still running on WOT, no damage done, she wanted more. But me, I had seen and had enough. I gingerly got back behind the controls and finished the yard dazed, amazed, and with a new respect towards the most awesome grass-cutting machine in the world.
    Once I knew she could do THAT, curb-jumps came next. It is awesome to run a machine off a standard square curb at full speed WITH blades on and NO clatter, no bs, lands solid as an M5A1 tank every single time (actually that's a half-track but I couldn't find the right nomenclature). You ever curb-jump (SLOWLY) a float-deck just to see springs and things fly off your machine? I have, it used to piss me off.

    The 30197 is the real reason why I started running not only 93 bp fuel but later 95.4 octane semi-leaded racing blends... I couldn't resist, I figured if she was good with 87 crapane, what could she do with a higher oct? I was right, things only got better.

    Do you know the difference between scissors and a straight razor? Have you EVER in your life had a true professional cut your hair with a straight razor and actually did it RIGHT so it did NOT hurt? I can only remember one time someone did it right, and when they do it right, it doesn't hurt - With most barbers, they cut your hair with a straight razor and it hurts, but not with a pro - Come to think of it, most barbers use scissors don't they? Yeah...

    The new one is so fast, the velke literally slides out in the turns, she spins tires on pavement (no squeal or smoke thou) and feels like a go-kart. The front-end is so light, it lifts EASY over obstacles, I ride right over rocks and roots and I can ride through ditches with proper control of the deck like in this picture:
    (With the '98 model)
    You KNOW that's a bad-azz ride when you can fly THROUGH a ditch at an angle like that, nose in and nose out, power to spare and NO marks from scalping or tirespin cauz the machine is too heavy, no, the bs is over.
    Mulch-beds you say? Lift the deck and cruise on through, blades engaged and all:

    Master the fixed deck and I promise you won't regret it.

    Or you can sell it to me, I can't get enough of them, I am in love with the proline 30197, it is sexual.
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    I used a toro ztr with a floating deck and I dont know if something was wrong with it but it would like swing and wouldnt leave a straight stripe like any tap on the controls would make it go from side to side like 3 or 4, inches I didnt like it.
  5. MTR

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    I think Topsites is "is" the ONLY one on this site that master a fixed 48" belt walk which reputedly can outrun a 48" Z. Throughout my 3 1/2 seasons, I have used both belt and hydro walk, and I will never touch a belt walk/fixed deck again (just sold a 36" Metro last month). At first I have same idea about belt fixed, easy, less cost and maintenace, but when it comes to dollar to dollar, pound to pound on productivity and "FATIGUE", anything hydro/floater will chew belt/fixed deck walk any time.
    Well, do what you like to, I sold mine and very happy to get rid of "fixed" walk for good, so long those long 8" blade bolts and numerous spacers! what a pita.

  6. DSIM

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    HeyTopsites, man I can tell, you are a talker.
    Everytime I see one of your posts, its like 2 pages long. Maybe you should just leave a phone number for your comments and that way you wouldn't have to do so much typing. :D

    As far as fixed decks go, there okay if you have employees, but for a solo lco, get something that causes less fatigue.
  7. mcwlandscaping

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    I sure love mine. Took very little time to get used to and it stripes like a champ with out a stripe kit! Still am learning but i can cut pretty fast now! I don't see any reason to change! At least for now!
  8. nobagger

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    DSIM--LMAO! Fixed deck/floating deck give me a floating deck any day over a fixed. Topsites I don't care how many lawns you have, but your telling us you have never scalped a lawn?
  9. The mayor

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    Ya, I got one. It's like yesterdays technology. It sits parked next to a old push reel mower and the rotary phone. Sure they work but why would you want to.
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    At least you have the T-bar controls.

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