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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PabsMaster, Jul 8, 2012.

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    OK, as promised, here are some pics of the setup with my Exmark Viking. The captions should tell the story. Refer to my previous post about setups with caster spacers and blade bolt washers.








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    A couple of more to complete the set. I hope this answers the questions. If not, yell out.


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    Yep, now I just realized if the deck were tilted say up or down 1/2 an inch it would mean the side (of the blade) would be 1/4 inch higher. Yet to make sure even though there is a difference, but its not noticeable correct?

    Thanks so much you have been a huge help!
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    I don't understand your question. "... side of the blade ..." ???

    When moving spacers on the casters from above the support to below the support, the front of the deck is raised, hence the height of the blade is raised. Conversely, putting more spacers above the support (e.g. two above, two below) will lower the front of the deck, meaning a lower cutting height.

    I realize this changes the pitch of the deck. For the years and years I have used this mower, I notice no difference in cut quality among the three configurations shown in the pictures.

    On the other hand, changing the blade bolt washers does make a difference. I show two configurations, two washers above the spindle, and two below, AND (second configuration), four washers above, and none below. I nearly always run 2/2. It provides the better cut between the two configurations shown. The only reason I use 4/0 is to move the blade higher under the deck for higher cutting height -- making first pass on a badly over grown area, or the need of an extremely high cutting on a fine lawn. When using the 4/0 configuration of the blade washers, the resulting surface is not as smooth, and the discharge force is not as great. But, for first passes on overgrown areas, this is unimportant (I also use a lower lift blade as well for lower power requirements).
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    Thanks So much. It all make sense now.

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    What type of grass do you cut?

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