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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by cat1, Feb 19, 2004.

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    I need some help on choosing a walkbehind mower for areas my 60" lazer doesn't fit and a couple of small yards. I will be using this mower only a few hours a week. My chooses are 48" metro used only about 30 hrs. 48" metro hp brand new or demo. 52" turf tracer hp used 2 seasons. My question is would I be happy with a 48 metro fixed deck. If i set the deck at 3" and wanted to adjust the height up to 1/2" on the job could I just adjust the spacers on the front caters or do I have to adjust the spacer on the blades?
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    You can however with the axle in the "C" or "D" position. What you'll probably find is that in dry conditions the "D" setting would be a bit less dusty however.

    Personally I like the floating decks if I'm going to be changing cutting heights.



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