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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bcm lawntenders, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. bcm lawntenders

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    how do you tell the difference between the two? I asked the question the other day to a sales person and they couldn't come up with anything? huh
  2. mulcahy mowing

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    the floating deck you can lift up and down with out moving the mower. they also look totaly different.
  3. Runner

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    Depending on the size of the deck, the floating will give you a more uniform countered cut. It will tilt and such in more configurations to match the terain change. That is why they are usually set up with more anti-scalp rollers. This only holds true with certain sized decks, though. 48" being about the limit. Anything smaller, because the machine sits on a quadrant base anyway, it rolls about the same, anyway.
  4. Larry Davis

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    I would suggest you stay far away from whatever dealer that sales person works for. That's some very basic information they should have been able to answer immediately!
  5. ACEMowing

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    No joke... anyone in a dealership should really know the difference. I think a floating deck is a must... otherwsise there's too much scalping and uneven cut. I still think Walker's have the best float due to the smaller deck frame area and lighter deck. Our new Encore Prowler 61 mid mount has a pretty cool floating deck system as well that articulates... the front wheels float the deck. It has a great cut for a big deck.
  6. Charles

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    I had a John Deere that I let the deck wheels support the deck. You set a fixed deck at the wheels and the anti scalper and let it ride on the wheels and AS . The floating deck means that the anti scalping rollers ride just about the ground and only touch when you hit a hump example is the Z mowers.
    Maybe lol
  7. MTR

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    You need to get away from that dealer asap cause that sales person is a dumb who has never been mowing with commercial mowers and have no clue what is what. He just a highschool grad or somebody fresh in this industry who is totally ignorant and try a new career. I have seen a lot of these types and it is a pain to buy anything from them cause they don't know nothing. period. One time, I ask which filter part used for koh 23 with donalson canister filter....he answered we don't have those filter cause they don't make them anymore!!!, it is an old type of filter!! how that sounds.:cool2: ( The kid is senior in highschool)
  8. CrewCutEnterprises

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    If you asked me that question i would be stumped too..

    I run fixed decks, cheaper and still cut great. and i dont like toros stamped decks that they put on their floating walkbehind mowers. I have a floating deck on my 62 inch Z
  9. topsites

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    On a float deck machine, the deck has a somewhat independent motion system from the frame part that houses the motor, meaning the machine adjusts itself somewhat easier to terrain inconsistencies, reducing scalps and delivering a better quality cut at least for the beginner. For the experienced operator, the fixed deck can outperform the float but it takes some time and doing.

    On a fixed deck, the entire machine, deck and frame are all one solid piece, and it takes practice and skill to operate one of these. There is no play, there are no loose parts that move lazily around as if waiting on you to adjust - On a fixed machine if you tweak the controls it responds instantly, it is highly accurate which in turn requires a ton of concentration at first, and practice later.

    On a fixed deck, the front end is much lighter. For the new operator, the ease at which this thing rears itself can be a daunting experience, and the speed at which it runs at top speed is at least somewhat scary even to the most experienced guys.

    As a rule, the float deck is more forgiving of mistakes while the fixed deck is lighter and faster, and to the true professional who really knows how to operate the fixed deck, nothing else comes close to the quality of the cut...

    Another way to say it is, for grass-cutting float decks to fixed decks are what for a barber scissors are to a straight razor - The fixed deck is truly the razor's edge, literally I can lean my machine on its side wheels in a turn and the blades on that side will dig into the dirt if I'm not careful. With the float, by the time you get it to lean the deck is still adjusting itself while the whole machine feels like it's going to break apart, and because it's almost twice as heavy, it's just not happening.

    Now on a large deck mower, even on most float decks the entire deck is a solid piece so even thou the deck floats some to adjust for terrain inconsistencies, the possibility of scalping exists... On a fixed deck, scalping is at least twice as likely for the inexperienced operator.

    I recommend a minimum of 1,000 yards cut before you attempt a fixed deck, because even then it's a learning curve. However, with a thousand yards under your belt, once you get over the hump of learning how to operate the fixed deck, you'll never go back.

    p.s.: If your dealer couldn't give you a simple version of the above, see if anyone else in town can. They should know at least part of the above.
  10. Stan's_Lawn_Service

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    I agree with everthing topsites says. Stans Lawn Service, Stan

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