fixed or floating deck?


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I've come across a used 4 year old gear drive fixed deck exmark walk behind and was wondering if the fixed deck has any major drawbacks.Is 1000$ a good hour meter..14 hp kohler 48 in deck. Never had a walk behind before and appreciate any help.<p>thanks a ton,<br><p>----------<br>rick<br>slager

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I have a couple of 48&quot; fixed decks and am very happy with them. The biggest draw back I see is that it takes about 10 minutes to change the cutting heights. The same model that is floating does no appear to stripe as well but you don't have to worry about scalping or loosing time while changing the cutting height. $1000 seems a little high to me for a 4 year old exmark.

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As far as fixed vs floating goes it all depends on what type of mower you are using.I would never use a fixed deck on a ride on mower.But as far as a walk-behind goes I guess it it would depend on the size of deck you are using.We own a 36'' hydro walk behind scag.Becouse it has a small deck we rarely scalp.Walk-behinds are like a push-mower their wheels are close to the deck so there often don't scalp as much as a ride-on would.But the larger the deck on your walk-behind the more it will scalp.I personally think that the 48'' fixed deck on the mower you are talking about would not be a problem.The factor when it comes to scalping lawns is not really the machine but the operator of the machine.It takes time to get to know what you can and can't do.I think all of us in the past have bought a mower we have never used before and for the first while we are scalping left right and center.But if you are really careful about avoiding scalping you will soon learn what you can and can not do with your mower.<p>I hope this helped you out.<p>P.S if you can afford to buy new I would go in that direction.But if not,allways be very careful with used machines,The two times we bought used mowers we had alot of problems.On the other hand walk-behinds are built simple.What ever you do just be careful! <p>from:Adam <br>AB Lawn Care<p>
When it comes to used walk behinds you might <br>want to stay away from units owned by fleet operators. There is a reason why they are selling it. A smart operator would nerver sell a unit that is making them money.<p>But I would not hesitate to buy a commercial<br>walk behind that has been used by a home<br>owner. Lots of smart homeowners have purchased commercial equipment in the more<br>upscale areas.<p>I bought a 1987 Toro WB 16HP Kohler Twin with<br>a 52&quot; deck for $500 a few weeks ago from<br>a homeowner who just went thru a divorce and<br>moved to a smaller home and no longer had use for the unit.<p>All it needed was a good bath and about $150<br>worth of new parts. A new unit like that retails for $4100. So I spent on day to travel to pick it up and another day to rehab<br>the unit. As for as I am concerned I just<br>saved $3500 for just two days labor in the<br>dead of winter.<p>I just threw the drive tires away today.<br>They had TORO markings thus being OEM.<p>Not a bad deal a machine that can cut two<br>acres/hour with 600 hours on the clock for<br>$650.