Fixing low pressure in a badly designed zone

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirty Water, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Dirty Water

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    I had a service call yesterday with this one. Someone else installed a zone with 8 RB 1804's with 10F nozzles and then added 6 Hunter PGP's to the zone.

    Obviously, the pressure is very poor, yet the customer does not want to spend the money to split the zones properly.

    Would replacing the 10F's with Walla Walla MPRotators lower the precipation enough to get the zone to work decently?
  2. jcom

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    What nozzles are in the PGPs'? I would probably check that out first.

  3. kerdog

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    Hey John-----

    The shortest radius nozzle is a MP1000, with a radius of 12', at 30 PSI. They say it can be adjusted down to 8', with the recommended use of a pressure-regulated spray body. At the 12', 30 PSI, the precip. is 0.43". Hope this helps in a decision. See ya---

  4. kerdog

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    Hey John-----

    Sorry......I missed telling you the GPM for the MP1000. Actually, the MP1000 is made only in an arc of 90-210*. You needed full....they state that needing a 360*, to use a MP 2000, 360*, on a regulated spray body, and it can be adjusted down to 8'. The GPM for a 2000 at 360*, at 30 PSI, is 1.27, with precip at 0.37. (That's at no reduction.)

  5. Wet_Boots

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    You could pull the 1804's in favor of PGPs with #1 nozzles with the distance cut to a minimum. There might be overspray, but keep telling the homeowner about the money they're saving :p

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