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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Viseras lawn service, Aug 18, 2005.

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    Hello. I am a homeowner and have 0 exp in this part of landscaping. I have an older system installed in my front yard....6 zones. i have a few questions...

    Most of the heads leak when they are on...i was told that they are too low in the turf...can i did around them and raise them up a bit to stop leakage or do i need new heads and then raise them up?

    Next i have all hunter heads, and for the life of me i cant fig out how to adjust their spinning radius....some are spraying in the woods, in the driveway, at the house... :realmad:

    The biggest problem is that the zone along the street will not turn off by the controller, i had to close the valve in the irrigation do i make it turn off with the controller? same problem with the zone along the driveway.

    Lastly, one of the zones down the middle will not turn on at all... i opened all the valves in the box to no avail....

    Any help? i really dont want to call some one and spend a huge amount of money to fix the system if it is easy to figure out on my own..

    Thanks for the help, any is appreciated :waving:
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    Call a irrigation repair specialist for the valve issues. Its not worth you time trying to figure it out when he can probably do it in 30 minutes.

    To adjust hunter rotor heads you can use a small slot screwdriver (or the hunter key) and turn the arc adjust:


    If your heads are leaking from the wiper seal around the base, its from them being too low and having dirt get stuck the shaft, damaging the seal.

    I'd reccomend replacing them if they are leaking a lot, and backfilling them at the proper grade.
  3. Viseras lawn service

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    If you were to come out to fix the valve issues what would you charge?

    Also how much should i expect to fix the leaking heads?

    Thx. I guesss ill call tomorrow ;)
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    I get this kind of question all the time, over the phone. There are way too many variables to give a price like that. A technician will probably give you his rates and tell you a broad range of hours. Plus parts, which can differ depending on kind of valve, how many, manufacturers, size, etc.

    Think of it this way, if you called up a mechanic and said your truck wasn't working, and how much would it cost to fix, what would he tell you?

    If I were to come out and tell you just what it would cost, I would charge $50 just to give a price. With doing repairs you have to start working on it before you can figure out what is wrong with it.

    But you are probably looking at 2-3 hours MAX to diagnose the problem, replace the diaphragms and/or solenoids, and maybe more if the valves are cracked and need total replacement. Figure $40-$70 an hour depending on your market.
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    You can remove the heads and see if the risors are cut offs or not(soft black flexible or hard grey non flexible)If they are hard ones I suggest you replace them all with cut-off risors that allow you to cut the risor off at different heights
    to bring the spray heads to the proper height.You will need to dig arount each head and remove and replace.
    The center head zone is either not wired into the controller from the valve or wired up wrong or the line was broken and capped off or previous owner decided they did not need that part of the system and capped it off OR that zone has not been given any time in the schedual to water at the controller.OR that zone does not have a valve installed for it to run off of or ???.
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    friday i stopped by a house i did some wokr in May for. We put landscape matting and rocks in a few of her flower beds. Finally got paid.

    Her lawn was BROWN and DEAD. I asked her what the deal was. She took me out back. Apparently she took the low bidder ( a neighbor), who "automated her sprinklers." They had a system that pumped from a pond with manual valves, the guy put a controller and valves in. It blew a line, adn washed about 300 yards of dirt away. You could park a few semi tractor trailers in the hole.
    I think the guy put one inch valves to control the 3 horse pump, used speaker wire nuts, and blew a line, and washed all the dirt away.
    She asked me how much to fix it. TIME AND MATERIALS.
    How much??? I said 500 bucks to start to troubleshoot it all.

    "But I already paid 1000 dollars to the guy next door!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Gotta go............

    Customers are people you do work for that pay you.

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