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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Grass887, Sep 20, 2019.

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    So I have a handful of lawns that need some areas fixed. I'm sick it flying off my seat, snapping bolts off scalp wheels. Over the years people have done stupid things on my Lawns, drive heavy equipment through them, have Leach Fields redone and then they settle 2 years later, and so on.
    Some areas are a 30' set of tire ruts a foot deep, others are a 100'x100' leach field that settled.
    The cost to fix it is a factor because obviously the customer doesn't give a ****, it's for me. And I can't just dump the accounts because some of them are $1k/mo accounts.
    What's the best/easiest/cheapest way to fix areas like this?
    I have a JD 3032e, and a 95hp ag tractor.
    I was thinking of renting a Harley rake, or pto tiller, but I don't have experience using either on sod.
    Having dump truck loads of topsoil dropped off wouldn't really be an option.
    Thanks for any help or input!
  2. Mumblingboutmowers

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    I have the same issues on many of my yards, some very rough areas, holes and humps. As you said the customer doesn't care because they aren't the one mowing it. I've just been trying to live with it, but a couple of the rougher yards I think I may try to at least fill in the bad holes with topsoil. I am not doing it for free. I think the best approach will be to explain to the customer that their yard is very rough and the worst areas will need to be fixed (at their cost) or I will need to significantly increase the rate to mow it.

    I have 2 yards that are rough over such large areas that nothing short of a dozer and triaxle load after triaxle load of topsoil could fix. On those 2 I am going to raise my prices enough next year that I can go much slower on them and still make what I need to make. And if they decline on the price increase then I will give them up and find some better yards to take their place.
  3. weeze

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    i try to wait until we've had a lot of rain and then run over the the edges of the ruts when the ground is soft to smooth them back out as good as i can. we have sandy soil here so it's pretty easy to do. still yards here aren't smooth. lots of places that are rough ground.
  4. OP

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    I guess the other option would be the $1800 suspension seat....
  5. Mumblingboutmowers

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    Not really because you don't want to be hammering the rest of the machine and breaking stuff and wearing things out early.
  6. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Level it with sand and a 3pt landscape rake. A ton of sand costs me $19. Have fun!
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    Maybe a roller would help ?

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