Fixing trailers for fellow landscapers and contractors...

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    Long story short, I want to reach out to local LCO’s and contractors about trailer repair, and gas trucks. I have a good location ready to rent, (nothing extreme, just a place to work). I have also been putting some time in stick welding, so I want to utilize that. I looked into welding courses, that is to come soon fingers crossed..

    Anyone done this before? Looking to do this in the off season, and at night after cutting/landscaping..

    I’ve worked in a shop, went to trade school, and have a clientele for car repair currently. I see so many guys out there with trucks or trailers beat up, that I can fix and keep going to make money..

    This would be in the evening to start and in the off season. More to come of course.

    Doing well mowing, mulching, and clean ups. It will help fund..

    Let me know what you think...
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    Sounds like an honest days wage.
    Trailers are always in need of repairs.
    During busy season we'll band-aid stuff to keep production rolling. But it would be nice to to have someone be able to stop in and do fixes after hrs.
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  4. OP

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    Much appreciated! Feel free to add tags as well.
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    That’s the plan. I know helping guys local will help me too. Maybe they can let me borrow bigger mowers to get done faster, to keep them rolling :weightlifter:
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    I've rigged so many things on trailers it's not even funny. My license plate is currently zip tied on until I install the new bracket I bought last July. Another landscaper I know has a trailer he hasn't used in probably 3 years because the lights went bad and it needs to be rewired. Your plan would work on the other side of the Delaware River for sure.
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    @JLSLLC , this is a great idea that will benefit many landscapers and plow operators. With your expertise and business sense, you will be a great success.
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    Something you might want to look into would be hydraulic hose repair. On 2 occasion I've had Pritek come out to a job site to fix a blown hose on a skid steer and a bucket truck...
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    Great idea! Not sure I would weld anything related with the tongue unless your insurance covers welding
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    JSLLC, if you ever come down to Knoxville bring your welder. You could make bank fixing my trailer. It definitely needs some love.

    To give you an idea of the pricing for repairs, I had the brakes replace on both axles. Cost almost $1100. Labor was $700.
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