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Fixing Up An Enclosed Trailer...help


LawnSite Member
St. Cloud, FL
Got a killer deal on an enclosed trailer. 18' with ramp and side door.
I pulled the wood off the walls and rewelded the ribs to just make it a little more sturdier. Put new wood inside...3/4" on the floors..made it nice. The trailer is about 8yrs old and is a "kit" trailer in very decent condition. Paid less than $1500 for it.

The question is this...
It's aluminum (obviously) and it's painted an ugly faded blue...I want to repaint it either black, or a green-ish color...maybe white???
Id like to do it myself, but have never done anything like this...
Should I just keep it blue...maybe buff it out and try to make it look as good as I can the way it is and touch it up and stuff...
if I repaint it, whats the best way to go about it for the "do-it-yourselfer"?
Would i HAVE TO get a sprayer, or do they make a brush-on paint that I could use...or would it turn out like crap if I went that route?

Just trying to get some input...I'd like to just do this once...if you know what I mean