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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by fprintf, Oct 24, 2002.

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    I just purchased a Toro Pro-Line 48" fixed deck, gear driven walk behind with pistol grips. It is essentially the same at the Metro 48 (I can't tell the difference by looking at the two side by side - it even has the twin Kawi 15hp engine).

    Anyway, I have seen the posts about correcting steering. This evening I evened up the tire pressure to 15 lbs on each rear tire. The mower is pulling to the right slightly, and it seems that the mower requires slightly less pressure on the right grip to get the mower to turn on grass or pavement (it engages sooner).

    If I go to adjust the belts, it looks like there is a spring loaded wing nut. Which side do I adjust - the left or right to make the mower equally responsive to finger pressure? How do I adjust it? That is, if I "tighten" the wing nut (rightey-tightey) - what does it do to that side? Will this adjustment correct just the engagement point or also the tracking? Do I need to uneven the tire pressures slightly to get it to track straight *first*? If so, which side gets the lower pressure - the one you want to "drag" a little bit (in my case the left side)?

    Sorry for all the questions. I am really brand new at this and would rather not place a service call for something I can do myself and not screw up.
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    Wow, I'm not sure what to tell you. As far as the adjustments go I don't know that I can be of a whole lot of assistance. To be honest I've only seen that machine once and I didn't spend any time looking at the adjustments. I wouldn't feel comfortable telling you how to adjust any competitive machine unless I was very familiar with it. For that you'll probably need to contact Toro. They should have a telephone number someplace on the manual or you can call their service department at 952-948-4673. That number should take to the head of their customer service department.

    As far as the mower not driving straight you need to look at tire circumference. You've done the first step. That was to air the tires up to the same psi and drive it. Now you need to measure around the tires and inflate the smaller tire until in is with in 1/2" of the circumference of the other tire. On most walk behind mowers this will correct any tracking issues but not always.

    I wish I could be more help.



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