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Fixture suggestion for deck project


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Hello All,

I need a low-voltage fixture that can mount onto siding with waterproof seal, that has a Junction box with it or can be mounted to one. I will have 4 fixtures mounted just below fiberglass railing onto vinyl shingle siding. I might order some NS postliters with Qwire or build them myself, but I want a fixture as small as possible. I REALLY NEED TO SATISFY EC WITH A JBOX DECK FIXTURE. POSTLITER DOES NOT COVER JUNCTIONBOX. I will be using an interior mounted transformer from Marcus, Heavy Duty, or Nightscaping with UPB module in weatherproof cover. I want to know what others out there know of the best fixture for this application. Please PM if needed.



Reynolds Lighting



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Ok. I need to find a fixture that will mount over a circular, rect., square Jbox. Not LED, because it will be controlled by a UPB dimmer with interior mounted trans. I need to find something that will waterproof mount onto the box over vinyl cedar shake shingle siding. HELP!!

Talk soon.

Reynolds Lighting

I thought about modifying Postliters with 14/2 leads of QWIRE to a central box, but that voids the UL so I need to stick with a JBox fixture that is copper/brass. The siding is a earthtone brown, so stainless and white are out. What are other's opinions about rewiring a fixture out of it's UL rating?


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Your looking at a paver wall light most likely. Every Deck lite I have seen flush mounts. Would the EC allow you to mount a deck light to a Coverplate with a knockout in it? Then you could screw into J box with a gasket.

Your only problem runs into mounting Lite onto coverplate.


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Southern LA

Vision 3 PA5

Mounts in a round J-Box with and extension on top. Basically two round j-boxes stacked, top one has no back to it creating more depth. Not inexpensive but a very nice fixture.

They will get pretty warm though. Cover is very heavy solid bronze. Any heavy brass or bronze fixture is going to get hot to touch with a halogen lamp. Installed Cast 10 watt service saver lamps to reduce heat with good
results and longer lasting than most 10 watt lamps

Burt Wilson
Accent Outdoor Lighting

INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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Burt, I think in that particular application you would want to use a full cut off fixture. Any light aiming out on a horizontal plane would be glaring to the surrounding neighbours and cause a condition of light trespass.

Gets back to see the effect not the source.