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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by trailboss, Mar 19, 2009.

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    We are coming to a completion on a large landscape with an outdoor kitchen. As we start the lighting portion of the job I am trying to find the perfect fixture to show off our timberframed structure. I have another client that had some fixtures in their poolhouse, prior to our doing the landscape lighting, that might be something to consider. However, I dont know who the manufacturer is. I'm sure some of you can give me some input on who made this. I am also open for any other fixture ideas. Tough thing is finding something that doesnt draw attention and fits the timberframe/lodge feel. The first pictures show this other unknown fixture and the other pictures show our current project in need of lights.
    Thanks, Steve

    Landscape Pics late feb 09 022.jpg

    Landscape Pics late feb 09 025.jpg

    Late March Landscape Pics 125.jpg

    Late March Landscape Pics 038.jpg

    Landscape Pics Jan 09 034.jpg
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    Take a look at Unique's Stellar or Starburst mounted with a Strat-Bracket or Sphere Base...i think either of these would blend in nicely and provide for the desired effect. Both fixtures come with a lense package. Im currently working with another contractor in Arlington who utlized this fixture in a similar application. I can get those in your hands for you if you like. Let me know. Bill.
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    Are those fixture in the photos Line voltage or low voltage? What lamp do they use? Personally I think those are pretty darn good for the application. I would try to find them in an oil rubbed bronze or a copper and they would be perfect. Have you taken one down to see the label on the back plate?

    If they are Low Voltage, I would look to Dabmar, SPJ, TRAALite to start.. they sort of have that look about them.

  4. LiteEmUp

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    I think the fixtures from the pool house may be a bit too modern for the construction project. I do agree that the color needs to be more rustic. The truss supports look like they are made of iron that appears a bit weathered and will probably tarnish to a bronze color. I would try to match what you perceive that color will end up being with your fixture color.

    Since i'm guessing i would go with a weathered brass or copper. The pool house fixture seems limited in its adjustability and might be line voltage. Its evident that this fixture will create a hot spot just above the fixture and not send out even light where you want it. Id agree that a wash type light from unique or whomever with the adjustability combined with some dimpled or frosted lenses might be the way to go. Good Luck.
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    I am with James, I like the effect and function of these lights. They are also very clean and not too fussy. If the color is right I don't think they will call too much attention to themselves. If you can't find them I am also a fan of Uniques wash lights. The stellar may be a bit bulky for this application though.
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    We have been doing this for years with our Stellar and Starburst fixtures....they work great!! A little Sphere Base and some corner molding hiding the wire and you are good to go!!





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