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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by EveningIllumination, Jun 17, 2014.

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    What is the best way to attach fixtures to this wall for lighting the pool fountain and surrounding landscape?? Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Bobbi,

    Are you asking about a clean looking flood light for the wall? I don't see a picture of the fountain or surrounding landscape, but flood lighting from the wall of the house would probably be the last option I would go for due to the unsightliness of the fixture mounting and the direct glare from the elevated and exposed lamps. Are there other ways to illuminate the fountain from directly below or another vantage point that is less conspicuous? Do you have any photos of the fountain and surrounding landscape from another angle? Seeing what you are trying to illuminate will help us give you more ideas and options for placement design.
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    never mind, I just saw your other post. You have some good suggestions there.
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    I would stay away from mounting anything directly onto that wall, unless you have access through the other side to mount a box so that you can hide your wiring. Look to the soffit/eaves on the gutter sides if you can get the right angles. There are lots of options for lights (Illumicare "Artemis", Coppermoon CM.115U, FX Luminaire TS-20, Vista DL-2236 to name a couple of price points) to mount there, and you can hide the wires behind the gutter/downspout.

    If you have to mount to the gable end, stay close to the roof tiles to possibly blend in, but there's no hiding there. Whatever you do will stick out like a sore thumb. Better off mounting to the horizontal surface under the eaves.

    Good Luck!
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