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Whats up guys

With Spring coming soon I wanted to be able to lay down sod this year so I have a couple ?'s. Whats Industry time to lay down 5,000 sq. Ft. of St. Aug. grass? How much could I charge per. Sq. Ft.? What are some ways to get rid of existing grass? Things I must do to prep the ground? Will I need to get a soil test or does top soil have everthing I need in it? If theres anything else I need to know please let me know.


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I usally have the sprayed and killed then I till it under level the yard try to up sell drainage. then out down starter fertilizer. then put it place . Not sure about your area but I lay until the ground starts to freeze and start back ASAP. Price $3.50 a yrd


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S W Florida

I am south of you and have a partner who does nothing but sod. First you need a sod cutter to remove all of the old sod. Then you need to haul it away and pay dumping fees. Of course you will have problems with the sod cutter breaking irrigation and any thing else under ground that you don't see.

Next you will need to get the sod to the job and that what will make you or break you. If you can find someone to spot your sod pallets with a fork lift you got it made. If not buy a couple of 2 wheel heavy duty wheelbarrows and start pushing. Most sod companies will not spot your pallets because they deliver with a boom truck.

Prices for a 400 sq ft pallet layed on graded ground for new construction per pallet layed, is $120.00 for St Augustine and $ 45 to 60.00 for Bahia. BTW we get $100 just to deliver a pallet of St Augustine.

Prices for a tear out and replacement per 400 sq ft pallet is $ 250.00 St Augustine and $200.00 for Bahia.

Now Let me advise you that with out your own equipment you will find it very hard to make a profit renting Equipment. Sod is very hard work even with the right equipment. New worker comp insurance laws require a 13.64% of payroll cost for any Landscape work. Most Insurance companies want this paid up front for a year ahead. Florida financial services has just added 50 some new inspector and I know many people including myself who have been stopped by them. They are checking for worker comp insurance. Fines start at $ 1,000.

Grass cutter with 3 or less total employees do not have to have workers comp. However the minute you put a shovel in the ground you need worker comp.

Sod can be a very good business. However it is hard work and takes a lot of Equipment to do volume. 5,000 sq feet would be 12.5 pallets. A pallet of St Augustine weights 3,500 lbs dry Bahia wet will go over 4,500 lbs. Our 24 ft bed on a F 9000 can haul 5,000 sq ft maxi and requires a class B CDL to drive. We only have a piggyback forklift and that is a draw back because it can not handle wet Bahia. we must unload part of the pallet by hand.

Now I am south of you more than 100 Miles so I couldn't do your work if I wanted too. But My advise is Stay away from Sod unless you are ready to invest a lot of money and work very hard. BTW Our Equipment is for sale, There are easier ways to make a living, However my partner made some good money before his back gave out. No I never layed Sod I just sold the jobs, But I am a lot older than my partner.