Fla. Ag inspector doing their job and protecting my Lic.

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Yep it is such a good feeling to know Fla Ag inspectors are doing their job and protecting the Certification and License I worked so hard for.

    Every 3 Month or quarterly, The Fla Dept Of Agriculture publishes a List of all those who receive fines or stop work order for illegal activities with Pesticide in the last 3 months. The 2nd Quarter Disciplinary report is out and Lists all those caught for violations from April 5 to July 1 of 2012. Here is the Report so you can see for yourself the hard work our inspectors are doing.


    Part of what makes My heart feel so good is I just paid a Total of $ 710 to renew both my agriculture and Commercial Certification and My Pesticide Business license. Not saying Insurance and CEU etc aren't an additional cost of Licensing. BUT, It is nice to know Fla Ag Inspector are on the Job. I always like to give credit where credit is due.

  2. williams lcm

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    From what I heard that there are only 4 inspectors in the state of Fla. I don't know if this can be true. A large fert business told me this. How do they know that you are not spraying a homemade mix of weed killer? I heard that they can bust you by just looking in your trailer for a spray tank. You don't even have to be spraying it to be caught.
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    The system is a damn joke, all these guys running around and spraying and landscaping, unlicensed and unbonded yet I get audited last year because I legally let my Ag bond expire (not doing much landscaping these days) they send me a nasty certified letter telling me what day and time they will be at my office for the audit. I provide all the records and 6 weeks later they send me a two sentence letter stating I am in compliance and the case is closed :dizzy:
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    there are about 19 regions each having at least one inspector.
  5. williams lcm

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    That is still quite low. Only 19 inspectors to cover the state of Florida. Many in my area don't have a lic to spray.Most don't know that you
    need one. They will probably never get caught.
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    Come on Ric, you know better, that is "Public Health Agency Disciplinary Actions " NOT "Agency Disciplinary Actions Completed" which is not out yet for the last quarter, should be this week. Go to http://www.flaes.org/aes-ent/memorandums.html and if you look they are listed separately and never much on the "Public Health Agency Disciplinary Actions "
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    It's all about revenue and fines. If they truly wanted to enforce the rules, they would be out checking people without a license, instead of wasting their time on audits. Glad to hear that everyone appreciates BIG BROTHER watching their back. Good luck with that. I don't have a pesticide license and never will, because I refuse to deal with these people.
  8. mjlcare2

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    somebody help me out with this.. preferably the statutes etc.. Is it illegal to advertise pest control services being provided by another licensed company?

    for example.. advertising on truck/website for fertilization/ or pest control but we do not do the applications or claim to.. just a referral to a company we use? thanks for the help
  9. jvanvliet

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    Tell them come to Broward or Palm Beach counties...
  10. Ric

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    Sorry, You can't advertise Pest Control for an other company. You must be licensed in order to advertise Pest Control Services. Limited Licensed/ Roundup License can advertise weed control in beds and must make it clear they don't treat turf.


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