Fla. Ag inspector doing their job and protecting my Lic.

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Jul 9, 2012.

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    In my area there are 4 inspectors for 66 counties. Well, not really, because two cover the structural guys and two cover us ag guys. It seems like every year at the CEU course someone asks the Laws and Reg guy[or gal] about what to do about all the non licensed applicators and they will flat out tell you they or more into compliance than enforcement. I am pretty sure there is only two field guys in the whole state of Texas for irrigation.
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    I know right!

    I have had the exact same convo with my inspector, compliance not enforcement. She told me no way she was going to stop someone spraying to ask for info. I said take a picture of the truck and licenses plate, she said no way of checking. Very clear, they are not in the enforcement business just compliance.

    In Texas you do not even have to post your TDA or SPC # on the truck.

    Why in the world, do I register, pay my moneys, buy insurance and such only to be subjected to compliance fines? Most of what I use is not even restricted use?

    One vendor sent out post cards, if said something to the effect.... have a small job but no license... we have small quantities that do not require a licenses to buy.

    Nothing illegal they did but they were encouraging people to break the lawn.

    I have been at a vendors, guy pull up to by 40 bags of Weed and Feed. The vendor ask, do you have a licenses to apply this? No? Well you know if you get caught it is a 10K fine, now how many bags did you need again as he writes up the order.

    It cost me money to maintain a licenses, insurance and CEU's and I get the surprise inspection just because I put myself on the radar.

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