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    I read on a recent post that in the state of Florida you are not required to have worker's compensation if you have three employees or less. Is this true?
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    I don't know for sure now , but in 96 they required you to have it regardless the # of employees. I only have 1 full time employee and it ain't cheap! I'd go ahead and get it even if your not required to now just to cover your butt. 1 accident can put you under. Russ
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    Chapter 440.055 "Notice requirements.--An employer who employs fewer than four employees, who is permitted by law to elect not to secure payment of compensation under this chapter, and who elects not to do so shall post clear written notice in a conspicuous location at each worksite directed to all employees and other persons performing services at the worksite of their lack of entitlement to benefits under this chapter."

    here is a link to "online sunshine"
    http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes...tm&StatuteYear=2000&Title=->2000->Chapter 440

    now understand the "election of not" does not remove "liability" of the employer if injuries occur

    from the "corporation thread" the statement was pertaining to "officer's of the corporation" can be exempt ...fla workmans comp can cost the company or owner .6-.8% of ones income ...that's fine for an employee you may pay 15k for the year but as an owner if your income is +35k why pay an additional 6-8% of that 35k .....sure you would be covered by wc 24 7 (as an owner or officer it's reasonable to state that you are always "on the job or call")

    Bottom line is .....if you have employees PAY WC don't expose your self to liability or insurance claims .....but as an owner you can elect to remove yourself from wc coverage .....understand if you get hurt your going to have to go to you medical insurance claim

    I am NOT a lawyer so all the above is just me ;-)

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